Crosman Vantage NP Break Barrel .177 Cal Air Rifle

**Item: **Crosman Vantage NP Break Barrel .177 Cal Air Rifle
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $14 One-Day
Condition: New

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Let’s check out the users manual

Couple of pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Pop pop pop, watchin’ birdies drop

My brother-in-law got one for 85 on the last woot it was on. I can put quarter size groupings at 15 yards with the “iron sights” (really plastic) It hits hard, goes at least half way through a 2" phonebook at 15 yards. Is pretty hard to c_ock compared to some other spring break barrels I have had, but you can leave it cocked for those quick rabbit shots if you need. Is fairly quiet and doesn’t have the distinctive “double kick” that most spring rifles have. Only thing I didn’t like is the trigger, but he had adjusted it for himself and I didn’t tinker with it. I would like the trigger a touch softer or shorter.

I would advise against purchasing this item, you may cause yourself ocular injury.

Possible fiber optic rear sight too. not much detail on it. I would like to hear from user BigAssRat on the matter

Pretty extensive story about a state you can’t ship the gun to.

And $10 cheaper on Woot! this time around. And its an NP, not just a springer!

You can almost get it here and get a decent powered scope from Wallyworld for close to what I paid for same AR with an upgraded scope from AirGunDepot offering during the last offering here. (tho I got a 10% promo discount, so was around $113 shipped).

Nice NP gun no matter where you decide to get it. Cal tax killed it for me here last time.

So do nitro piston air rifles still need scopes that are designed for the unique shock that a spring air rifle creates?

The description on the airgundepot site says the following:

I am assuming that means a Fiber Optic rear sight as well.

The 1200fps spec is with PBA, or performance ballistic alloy pellets. With standard lead pellets you are looking at 1000fps. PBA pellets are more expensive. For example I can get 250 standard pellets for $6.50US whereas 100 PBA pellets are closer to $12.50US. YMMV of course and caution is advised if you are using lead pellets, especially indoors.

Yes, you still need an airgun rated scope on a NP gun. Only PCP and multi-pump airguns let you venture away from that need.

I would advise against using PBA pellets. I find they don’t fly as straight. They will also be louder.

fun little plinker. won’t kill anything bigger than a squirrel. i’ve tagged a groundhog in the head from 20yds and didn’t kill it. i shot another one 4 times in the body, and he just kept walking away. he jumped each time, but didn’t die. i was even using hollowpoint hunting pellets.

We’ve checked with the vendor. The rear sight includes red locations marks but it is not a fiber optic sight.

Again guys this is legal in and legal to ship to MI. I would order one but woot doesn’t love us Michiganders.

Can you elaborate on the leaving it cocked? Also, do you know how much quieter it is? I’m looking to get something for my parents to rid themselves of pesky chipmunks but don’t want to alarm the neighbors.

is it possible to use bb’s in this gun? pellets too expensive for my kid