Crosman Vantage NP Break Barrel .177 Cal Air Rifle

Here in GA we just had a small child killed by one of these guns. The father said he was just trying to scare the little boy. He later said I didn’t know it was loaded. The father doesn’t sound real bright to me, you never point a gun at anyone even a toy gun. The police department says there is about 3 to 4 deaths a year in the whole US from these guns.

Yes, it is not what I would call “optical” but it does have the red on each side of the rear sight with the green front side with the light capturing neon tube like thingies. Easy to see. We sighted it in in my brother-in-laws basement with no issues seeing the sights. Not the most light, but not like dusk either. My Ruger (forget the model) has the same sights and I have used them with no issues in lower light either.

If I can figure out how then I will post a few pictures of the phonebook and the sheet metal back plate that it was hitting after going through the phonebook (anodized sheet metal with probably 1/8th to 1/4 pellet sized dents)

The user’s manual specifically states that you should not do this.

yep. it’s perfectly legal to ship to michigan. i’ve ordered these from amazon and would have ordered this one. some idiot is killing sales for this website.

No, these are for .177 cal pellets only.

It almost definitely died, you just made it’s death real slow.

I have this rifle with the regular piston. I’m able to get 1" groups with it using the sights @ 35 yards. I don’t recommend using a scope because I find it’s not quite as accurate.

How many kids died in pool or auto or ladder or other accidents in that timeframe…?

My comment was just an FYI to show you what stupid people can do. I have heard people say that these guns don’t kill. Well they can just ask the poor mother with the dead child. People need to know that these guns can kill.

It is now legal to ship .177 air guns to IL Happened this year

Look up Public Act 097-0776 it is in there.

Kills Screaming Monkeys DEAD!

This DOES have both front and rear fiber sites and is a Nitro gun NOT a springer so no kick and 70% less sound. I have one LOVE it for accurate distance work very nice rifle but a tiny bit heavy but that is part of the accuracy and quality. One of the best that Crosman makes unless you like bells and whistles

So then do you think such AR’s should be banned because some idiot can use it in an unsafe manner?

Doesn’t it go without saying that one should never point a weapon at anyone unless deadly force is necessary.

I know I am exaggerating your point, but it is the same rationale used by kneejerk legislatures trying to ban specific weapons because some idiots have used them to harm people.

Currently in California we have an onslaught of idiotic legislation being processed through various committees even trying to ban lead bullets because of potential lead poisoning risk with game brought down by lead rounds.

Sorry if I got a bit OT.

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The issue is to not leave it cocked for extended periods of time. The difference when leaving a springer cocked, the spring is under tension but not so with the nitro piston. BTW, don’t leave it cocked and loaded without using the safety.

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Also be advised that PBA pellets can fly wild as the break the sound barrier and are not accurate

Try a little Loc-Tite on mount screws

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