Cross Country Radio Controlled Car



Who is driving Cross Country Radio Controlled Car?

Oh my God Bear is driving! How can this be?


thanks for the close up picture woot
and by that i mean thanks for the extra white space :stuck_out_tongue:

i totally almost bit, and probably will tomorrow.
for $20, and the cost of a 10 pack of AAs and 3 9V batteries, i can some friends in some indoor racing.



Anyone know if these are any good? I was hoping to get a couple to chase my puppy around but they have to be slightly durable.


What the hell is up with the description? Someone translate that from Chinese or something?


read the print… does it say right that the power on button turns off sometimes and the turning may not be smooth all the time? huh?


for the price? two shipped under 20 is good for puppy chasing time


In for one. was just mentioning to the family a couple of days ago how we needed to get a rc car for a cat toy…


If you order two or more, will they all run on the same frequency? Will there be cross-interference with each remote for mass pandemonium, or will these be able to sort them all out?

With the radio-controlled items in the past, I believe they commented on this–but I didn’t notice anything this time around.


Woot! I love the engrish! So cool!

Not sure I’m going for the plastic wad-o-poo thats on sale, but I may… It’s so cheep.


9 Volts are far too expensive. I must pass on this Deal


ok get the two 9volts for a buck at the dollar tree or ebay…

as far as the AA batteries sell for like 20 bucks for a hundred on ebay and they are alkaline,… i bought the maxwell ones digital… so far good in my r/c cars…


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Cross Country Radio Controlled Car
$4.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 4×4 Cross Country Radio Controlled Car


Google “Cross Country Radio Controlled” and find any pictures of the box of a product made by this company. The writting on the box never makes any sense.

See example here:


Props on the Clerks cartoon reference!! ::props::


buying this such item is going to be a funner time in a days to come. if you by said item that is description in words, you may have to also by sticks of chargers to power up said item with blinky wheels that are on the ground.


That description was hilarious!
I’m afraid to read the instructions now…



That’s pretty rad! I wonder if my car can do that…


You can try, but I’d bet it would never work the same again!


I own a hobbyshop. Car will run until the first time it breaks (soon) and then it is done. Should be fun for a few minutes.