Cross The Furnish Line!



Apartment looking a little post-college bare still with relatives on the way for holidays? Time to decorate up.

What do you think of this assortment? Any favorites in the mix?


I bought the desktop version of the floor lamp. It works fine and is solidly built, but I will warn you, plan on buying a new bulb. That natural daylight garbage is ridiculous, I felt like I was on the medical examiners table. Plus it takes the weird knob end bulbs so you will have to special order one on amazon or something. I got one for $8, so no big deal. Make sure you order one that is 2700k color temperature, then it will look like a normal bulb.


I bought the rocker last woot off and I LOVE IT. It is a bit bigger than I expected, I am 5’7" it feels perfect size/just a bit big for me, but a friend of mine who is 5’2" was just swimming in it.

You do have to assemble it, it is very solidly built once you get together. It is much wider than a standard door, so make sure you put it together in the room you want it to live in!


The Carolina rocker is solid and easy to put together, but far from first rate. I purchased on from a previous Woot. The staining is uneaven and 2 of the back beams are very noticeably warped. I had to add a cushion to hide it as it would have cost almost as much as I paid for it to return it! You get what you pay for.


well, that’s a bit of a bummer. :confused:
thanks for sharing, tho. feedback is a good thing. like doughnuts.


Dang, I wanted that bedding set, not the headboard :frowning: