Cross Wit

CONGRATS MARCEEPAUFF!!! Nice way to take the #1 spot!

I NEVER use sarcasm and you can’t prove it.

Your finals are my homework.

I voted, and marceepauff won, and I bought! Congrats! I wish my badge would update to reflect my vote (and my crap)

Ahh… This is the shirt I’ll be wearing at the next company product review meeting. Not all of the higher ups think my sense of humor is appropriate. Thanks Woot!

The sarcasm is strong with this one. Congrats on the print!


Shirt sarcasm - better than ever.

I’d be in for this but I just don’t much care for black shirts. Too hot in the sun, and we have 4 cats…

I refuse to fight a battle of wits with an unarmed man!!!

What’s the first rule of Cross Wit?
Tell everybody about Cross Wit.

2nd Rule: Do not shut up about Cross Wit.

Yay crosswitters!

Thank you guys so much! Huge surprise. I hope more voters come back to the derby, though. Low votes this time around.

Smooches everybody!

Love the shirt, but I wish it wasn’t on a black tee. It would be an instabuy on red or green, two tee colors I lack. :blush: Becsuse this is my kinda wiseacre shirt.

Whew! Just got it in time… Now I have something to wear when I visit the inlaws.

They are very literal. It’s painful. I know they won’t understand the shirt at all and I will giggle madly at that thought.

First Day Sales: 925

Make sure you wear around the “fitters” as soon as they return from the “box”. To make sure they are super mad from the roid rage they just got from doing all those “burpees”. Good times are to be had by all.

I’m a crossfitter myself, and you don’t roid for crossfit as its not designed for shear strength ability. Its a multiplatform mix high intensity workouts with gymnastics with olympic lifting usually as a warmup or thrown in the middle of a workout. Don’t be mislead by meatheads.