Crowd Control

To quote House:
“'cause the best jokes are the ones you have to explain.”

Who is the narrator in today’s write up?

new remotes still have these…even windows media player have these controls.

For those not quite getting the design, I have a hint:

Look at the thumbnail pic for this design. It makes the overall idea pop out a bit more.

Wait, stop.

Let me pause and rewind to try to figure out what this means.

The narrator is a fella they call C.D.

He’s got a brother called D.V., no last initial, just D.V.

Thank goodness for the Woot Community, or I’d be scratching my head all day!

I’ll be honest, at first I saw Rudolf’s nose and some oddly shaped pieces of coal. Once I realized what it actually is I’m impressed.

After puzzling over it for a minute, I almost gave up, but suddenly, seeing the shirt in the smaller picture, it clicked.

Very clever. Though I feel like it’d have a lot of “What’s your shirt mean?” … “Ooooh… I get it. Clever.”

CUT!.. Someone had to stop this madness!

Is it necessary for one of the pause lines to have popcorn on its head?

could have sworn it had something to do with OWS… policeman standing over a guy with a camera…

LoL. shirt.woot has been missing a lot with me lately. Imagine the amount of time you would lose each day having to explain this shirt if you wear it…

Yes, it is creative. No, I won’t buy it.

I honestly thought the record button had a gun and was going to commit suicide. I got so confused and then re-looked and it was a camera.

yeah, i thought it was a gun too, a machine gun to be precise. except i thought he was going to gun down his fellow shapes. was thinking ‘crowd control’ referred to gunning them all down. that smile on the red dudes face is really creepy when you look at it that way.

anyone else think the record button looked like it was going to shoot itself at first glance? I was horrified for a minute

Why have all of your shirts been so terrible for the last three weeks?


Yet another great shirt for encouraging prolonged chest-staring!