Crown 42-in. Bronze Ceiling Fan

Crown 42-in. Bronze Ceiling Fan

Do we know if we can add an extension to this ceiling fan to make it come down lower? I love the fan, would like to order but do need to extend it so it comes down lower 3 to 4 ft. down?

I would assume so but I couldn’t find a definitive answer.

They do have a help line:

(877) 217-4481

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If you go to the Prominence Home website, the model that lists for $175 includes a remote, and based on the Woot description that does not mention it, this one apparently does not. The same model without remote is $150. The Amazon listing for the model number given (51431-01) says a remote is included, but the reviews claim that there is none. I like the fan but would like clarification, as getting a Prominence Home remote would add another $37.

Did you happen to notice that TT provided the number to the fan’s customer service? They could probably tell you whether it’s included and/or whether they can get you a remote if it’s not there.

Yep, I noticed that. I was hoping that once it was pointed out that the listing was conflicting, Woot would take the initiative to clarify and/or correct it. The Prominence Home website is not conflicting; the Woot and Amazon listings are. If I am in a store and see a sign that is incorrect about a product, I talk to the store folks before I contact the manufacturer. Also, the number given for customer service is only good for M-F 8-5 and does not even give an opportunity to leave a message, it simply disconnects.

Yes, but isn’t it easier to confirm with the manufacturer rather than force the store to rip open a carton?

I modified my reply as you posted this so you probably did not see that I did call the number but it is only good during normal business hours. I did not realize I was forcing anyone to rip open anything. Woot could solve the issue merely by correcting the given list price from $175 to $150.

How would they know otherwise whether the remote was included since they’re usually getting stock from Amazon, or that Amazon is holding the goods for shipping?

OMG, all I am asking for is an accurate listing. As a customer I should not have to do the legwork to find out what a product I am purchasing from Woot (owned by Amazon) actually contains. TT gave the number so Yumggal could find out whether or not Home Prominence sold additional extension rods, not to find out if they were included. I will make a decision on buying this based on a remote not being included, but I am on a budget and will need to factor in additional costs. Having accurate information would make this process easier. Do you honestly think that there is not a conflict in Woot’s listing and that they have no obligation to find out and correct it?

They generally make good through their customer service. If it’s not there, you’d let them know, tell them how much the remote is, and they’d give you a refund or credit for amount.

Virginia is a buyer beware state. The buyer has all the responsibility to insure what he or she is buying, so I’m used to doing all the research well in advance.

To clarify:

  • The Woot listing does not mention anything about a remote.
  • The Woot listing specifies a model number of 51431-01.
  • The Woot listing says the list price is $175.
  • The Amazon listing for model 51431-01 ($153) says a remote is included.
  • The Amazon reviews for 51431-01 include customers disappointed that a remote is NOT included.
  • The Home Prominence website does not use the same model numbers.
  • The Home Prominence site shows two “Crown” models that appear identical to Woot.
  • The one with a remote is $175, the one without is $150.
  • Home Prominence sells a remote for $38
    Based on this discussion, I am buying the fan from Woot. I have screenshots to verify the above points. Woot has been good to me in the past (member since 2006) so we will see how this goes. BTW, I am from Texas (as is Woot originally) and as far as I know is not a “buyer beware” state, which typically refers to sellers not required to disclose defects in real estate property. It does not give sellers the right to be deceptive in product descriptions.

Completely understand the issue. I hope it turns out the way you want.

Hi there. Sorry @DarnWootin is being difficult.

As he mentioned though, we did pull these from Amazon inventory so the only info we have is what’s on their page.

For this one, I see this (and it’s stated in our features):

  • EASY-TO-USE: Pull-chains included for quick and easy on/off adjustments. This fan is also compatible with universal ceiling fan remote controls

I’m going with no remote included.

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Thank you TT. Of course that same linked listing states “Special Feature Remote Control” but I think you are right. The $175 retail price stated is then incorrect and should have been $150 but hey, only a day to go and you have a bazillion other products to keep up with. I do miss the old Woot, but I have got some great deals on this Amazon version. This deal is kinda meh.

Fan arrived and was relatively easy to install. It’s really nice! No remote of course, and no extra down rod. The short down rod that comes with it would be fine on 8 foot ceilings and a 24" universal down rod from Home Depot worked perfect for my 10 foot ceiling. I probably won’t get a remote anyway as I like yanking the chains.