Great design! Love it. Not a fan of the shirt color though.


Great style. Your portfolio is excellent!


Okay, now that is one seriously cool design. WOW! Scary, too. Unfortunately, the scariest part (for me) is that it’s on a cream shirt. :frowning:



Wish these shirts came in (elementary) kid and toddler sizes.




This will be a great shirt for me to wear with my scarecrow costume next Halloween. Muah ha ha!!


Well drawn but…ummm no.


Very sinister. It looks pretty cool.


Nope, Jim Crow laws of the good ol boy days in the south.

I’m in for one, so far everyone at the gym has no idea what to think of me in my rotating stock of 15 different Woot shirts. This should move the fat ones off the treadmill really fast!


Love the image, not a big fan of the shirt color though.


The woman’s small is crazy small. (most people buy them for kids)

not that I am suggesting that purchasing murderous crows on creme is good parenting concept, I am just supplying the information. What you do with it, is entirely upon your conscience


Ahh well, I tired.


yucky looks like crows on steroids…call in the Congress. Not my style.
What can you expect after a 6.66 deal.


dannng this shirt is like on steroids and shooot. ;D so much anger on the design on some creme color aint gonna work .


my girlfriend started to cry when she saw that. I gotta pass :frowning:


I like the shirt but I don’t think I’ll buy it… I got too many woot shirts!


This thing is scary looking


that from the simpsons


Whoa… this would make a great tattoo. Hmmm…


True story. We saved a baby mourning dove the other day from a crow that was holding it down and pecking it to death. Poor thing was so banged up and bloody. Took a couple of weeks for it to recover.

This is a picture of that actual crow gang obviously. Not my most favorite memory.