No, it is a Jim Crow law reference…

wow are you serious?

this shirt is dark…

ya, very cool drawing, nice work. but I don’t want to wear it. I prefer my critters un-evil : )

No, ‘separate but equal’ racist BS.

Murderous Crows? Doesn’t anyone in this country still believe in “innocent until proven guilty”?

But thanks. If we have time in the morning before school I’ll measuring to see if a womans small might fit a kindergartener.

Hey woot… now that we have XXXL, any chance we can go the opposite direction and get toddler sized onesies? Just asking. :slight_smile:

Very cool design, and I’ve been wanting a cream shirt, but it’s not quite my type of thing.

Not to mention I’ve got a few shirts on the way already.

EDIT: Way to beat me to it, Snarkygal.

Just in time for Halloween

Is the creme color more of off white or light tan?

Did Woot froget to put a Suzanne Pleshette referance in the descrition or did I miss it.

If you haven’t checked out this guys portfolio, do so:

He’s great, I’d buy all of 'em on shirts.

I’d kill for this one on a shirt.

I agree. I think you can’t have enough light colored shirts, and I love the way the design looks, but I don’t think I’m a dark enough person to wear evil crows.

Great design, but I don’t think it belongs on a white shirt. I’ll pass on this one.

If Death was coming after you with a chainsaw, but it was a beautiful sunny day on the beach, and he was wearing a loud tank top and bermuda shorts, would he be less threatening?

You people and your dense comments.

Totally badass design… instantly reminded me of Odin’s 2 ravens, Hugin and Munin.

Ravens are the smartest of birds and closely related to crows. In for one!

/Mistakenly thinks they are ravens

no just no its not hallowean anymore

Too bad I just bought 3 random shirts yesterday. :confused:

I love crows, but not these ones. Don’t get me wrong the drawing is cool, but a bit too creepy for me. Plus like everyone else I hate cream tees, however I do think that its probably the best color for this design. The art is dramatic and therefore doesn’t need a dramatic color. I still wouldn’t wear it though. Pass.