Crucial MX100 2.5" 256GB SATA Solid State Drive

only saving $10 here… this is also the old model (MX200 replaced it, and is also only $10 more)

the BX100 (slightly less featured) is also about the same price and slightly faster than the MX100.

I buy Crucial SSD’s 50 at a time every few months at my company. I’ve had all the models. They are good solid reliable drives. I’ve only had 2-3 failures of the 100’s that we have.

Excellent Reviews over at B&H Photo

Agree with corvettejoe, who is very wise. Come-on woot, beef up your deals!!
Eric Harrington

Not a bad drive at all. I have one in a laptop and it beats the hell out of a mechanical one. Slapped Windows 10 on it and it flies.

Hell, I probably got it here a while back. I buy so much of this crap it is hard to remember!

Good drive speed when compared to a harddrive, not so good of a price when compared to either similarly priced SSD’s or regular HD’s. Not really a deal by any standard, and nothing I would buy during the week of Black Friday.