“Crucible” Napa Cabernet Sauvignon (1)

In for 3 immediately. Have been monitoring wine.woot.com for this specific deal ever since I opened one last month.

Mr. Smith please also do a 2006 Lodi Woot deal, then my holiday drinking plan will be complete.

In for three also. This is very tasty juice. If your finances permit, buy some now.

I bought this last time around. As been said,iffin youse can afford this,get it. Best cab I’ve had in recent memory. I gotta go count my pennies and see iffin I can get some more.

In for 2, thanks Clark! Todd Steiner says “hi”…

Clark - Travel over the next two weeks make Woot purchase unwise due to weather. Please advise if available with hold to ship. Tks

How many bottles are in a pack?

One bottle…

I got two last time. We drank one two weeks ago. It is wonderful. Make sure to decant for a few hours. It really makes all of the difference in the world. In for three.

I would love to see Two Jakes Roman Reserve sometime…BTW.

Great job on the Crucible.

No hold. But they won’t ship until this deal closes.

What is the drinking window? still good for another few years? Thanks!

Ship it to me…

Very good now but built to last at least another 10-15 years in a good cellar.

Lots more info at the previous offer:

For anyone who doesn’t buy “expensive” wines and wonders what they are really like, this is a great opportunity taste a wine that is as good or better then any of the “big hitters” out there. I know $65 might seem really expensive to many, but it will let you know what all the hubbub is about with big time Cabernet. You won’t be disappointed, until you go back to your everyday wines.

There is a typo. Regular retail price is $125, so your discount is even better than the stated 46%

please excuse my lack of knowledge…but would a decent wine “cooler” work for “cellaring”? it holds temps pretty well at about 55 degrees for the most part.
i know a cooler is better than just leaving it out but how does it compare to what would be considered super ideal conditions for these types of wines to last 10-15 years?

Almost all of us have wine coolers/fridges. We just call them “cellars.” So yes! And 55*F is perfect, according to “everyone” although I don’t believe there’s actually any science behind that number.

Curious what Clark thinks about the cellar temp question.

Also, we will not excuse your lack of knowledge; we will welcome it! None of us really know anything. We just answer authoritatively and hope we don’t get called out. :tongue:

yeah… I’m no expert but this is clearly incredible stuff.

The most important attribute of a cellar is even daily temperature, anywhere below 60F is good. A lot of people believe in 55F. You really don’t want an oversized air conditioner that’s going on and off all the time - insulation is better. The best thing you can do is bury or dig into soil - most places the temperature is in this range and the soil gives you a good buffer.

Above all, never let a wine go above 80F. The danger is that thermal expansion creates an irresistible force that to breaks the seal between the glass and the cork. Once that happens, even slight changes in temperature will pump air into and out of the bottle, causing the wine to die in a very short time.

An overly cool cellar is not good either. The phenolics that protect wines lose their ability to react with oxygen in the low 50Fs, where vinegar bacteria can thrive uninhibited.