See this? You can’t have this. We don’t even have this. This badassery doesn’t even have full specs listed but rest assured, it is badassery. In the mean time, here are some pics of it. No, we dont have it for sale. But keep looking at it. Isn’t it sparkly? You know you want one. Maybe some day you can buy it.

Yeah, I would probably buy a case like this. I would have to check out the cooling a bit more and see if it supports all my liquid cooling systems currently installed.

I like the case…? it looks like an if a post modern bookend was also an angry robot. I really don’t like nerf-gun/toy colored cases (ie: bright colors and high contrast and fan leds, etc) but this is just the right amount of show-off without going overboard.

Let me just sneak in here…

What specs would you guys like to see in this system?

Our new LAN ready Revolt 2 comes standard with SSD and liquid cooling, the rest is up to you :slight_smile:


He has some other looks at this Revolt 2, not the same one but it gives ya a look at whats inside the case. This is cruel as I was just looking at this same one on the iBuyPower website cause I like the look.

spec-wise I don’t doubt you’ll have a decent assortment, but seeing how this is a mini-itx case (I assume?) I’d love to see some kind of mobility option, ie: a bag designed to hold it in transport, or a decent (ie: minimum ABS plastic attached directly to metal framework, or all metal) handle option. I doubt the later would be feasible with this case this late in the design process, but a nice padded over the shoulder sling bag with compartments for the cables, a keyboard, mouse, etc and a match to the solid white with slight opalescent (I guess would be the term for those light rainbow tones you see in the photos?) color hints either in a logo or just design inlays, hopefully similar to the trapezoidal windows on the doors, see

I’m looking at a portable desktop seriously now that it’s feasible thanks to mini-itx really catching on and supporting pci-e x16. Laptop versions of desktop hardware just don’t cut it and are more expensive for a lot less power compared to mini itx (which are actually reasonably priced now for most mobos)

anyways, TLDR: I hope more people think of using mini-itx as laptop replacement, despite being a bit bulky. it’s so much more bang for buck, and I also reeeeeeally hope the display makers take notice if this becomes a trend. I have seen USB-powered displaylink monitors, but I doubt displaylink can be used as the startup monitor or anything other than secondary monitor/screen mirroring, etc. I doubt any mobo bios could use the usb drivers properly.

PLEASE, for the love of all thats holy, STOP SPECCING HIGH END CPU’S(i7) WITH LOW END CARDS LIKE GT 740 or r7 250. YOU CAN’T DO THIS AND CLAIM THEY ARE GAMING PC’S. So many prebuilt companies do this and it is downright disconnected from reality. Put in an i3 if that’ what it takes to get a real gpu(gtx 960, 970, r9 280/290/390 with your intended price point. These low low end cards are absolutely useless for gaming. A gt 730 or something along those lines are trash for gaming and are only meant for displaying a video source onto a monitor. Ask any avid, modern pc gamer what his PC setup is like and you’ll almost always hear something like, "i5, 8gb ram(NOT 32) and a gtx 960/970 or equivalent. Stacking a PC up with tons of ram and a beast CPU does NOTHING for the out of box experience that a costumer gets when they turn on your product for the first time. How do you think they feel spending $800 and when they fire up that brand new AAA title they have been drooling over, the game is choppy, lagging, and overall unplayable with under 30 frames per second.

I would want it one of 2 ways. Budget performance with an I5K or I5 with a MB that allows OC (due to water cooling) and a gtx980. Single ssd. Great for 1080P gaming. If I wanted performance without worrying as much about budget, an I7 with a 980ti or R9 Fury for 4K level gaming. Raid 0 ssds. 16 gigs of ram should be standard.

Tell us your desired specs and you might just see it here on the next event :smiley:

We’ll look into the option of a custom carrying bag for the Revolt 2. What would you choose between a messenger style bag and a backpack?

Is it just me?

My first thought was ‘toaster’.

Yes sir! We do our best to follow logical increments; however, there will be niches in the market that need to be filled by such specs.

Our goal is to build computers suited for all unique individual needs. And that will sometimes include people whose CPU might need an upgrade, but their GTX 770 and 780 are still kicking.

Deal :slight_smile:

Mine too. In fact, my engineer made me a side panel with a toast on it.

I would assume you would definitely make this VR-ready so I would hope it would come with a minimum GTX 970, but I’d prefer something like a GTX 980 at the minimum just because I’m sure that bar will be raised soon.

well it’d have to meet or beat what I have right now, which I got from y’all on your website during 4th of July.


Meet the Oculus-VR recommended specifications, plus maybe 16GB of RAM. However easy that is, maybe shoehorn in a 256-GB SSD as primary with a 1-2TB HDD. Also, an i7-4790k or i7-6700 since I’m going to use it for serious stuff too. Win7 Pro for bonus points.

I’d personally prefer a kind of shoulder strap go-bag, even if it’s a little bulky. most I know (early-mid twenties/college age) already have a backback they use for multiple purposes, but a backpack might be easier to carry overall. it’s really a toss-up. maybe just do a square-ish padded bag that can be used both ways, ie: dual shoulder straps to use as a backpack, but also clips to attach a single shoulder sling type padded strap.