Crunchy or Smooth?

Crunchy or Smooth?

I kind of wish this had a location tracker on it, I’m from the Northeast and I have been told that Smooth is a big seller here but Crunchy rules in the Midwest and I wonder if that is true.

My preferred is Teddy all natural smooth, the only peanut butter I can find with no sugar added.

If anyone knows of another peanut butter with no sugar please comment below I would like to try another one.

probably depends on what you think the “midwest” is. Kansas is middle, and more west than Ohio yet they tell me I’m not the midwest.

Creamy PB is the best.

Your best bet for no-sugar PB is with an organic brand. Santa Cruz makes one. Stop & Shop, Wegmans, and Whole Foods all have store brands.

I think I looked at Stop & Shop and their Natures Promise brand and both had Sugar. Maybe it is “all natural sugar”.

Just peanuts & salt:

Crunchy PB for the WIN!
It’s gotta have that crunch. I really don’t care if they add a little sugar or not.

There’s a place by us that grinds their peanuts into PB for you, salted or unsalted.
Tried the unsalted PB, wasn’t impressed.

Nice, it looks like Natures Promise has upped its peanut game and dropped the Sugar, I will have to give it a shot. It is good to know that I now have a choice of some kind but I will admit that Teddy brand is really good, they did not abuse the fact that for years they were the only game in town for no sugar added peanut butter.

Honestly I have nothing against peanut butter with added sugar, I just like the taste of it without sugar better. Besides, the bread and jelly have way more than enough sugar in them.

My nothing added peanut butter tip is that you should store it upside down until you are ready to open it so that the oil goes back into the peanut butter, this makes it so you don’t have to stir it when you first open it.

I always wondered how you were supposed to stir a brick… Thanks for the tip!

Extra crunchy

I prefer whipped PB, which is even smoother and creamier than creamy PB to me. The best was Peter Pan Whipped, but I can’t find in anywhere in stores anymore. I miss it. The JIF Whipped just is not as good.

I have a jar of the Nature’s Promise creamy in my fridge right now. I got it recently for the 1st time when it was free with the purchase of a bag of organic apples. (YUM, good together.) It was hard to stir in the full jar. I’ll remember the upside down tip in the future. I liked the taste okay, but wasn’t happy with the consistency. But I probably didn’t mix it up well enough. It was suggested on the jar to refrigerate it and now I’m afraid I won’t be able to stir it at all. But it is only 2g of sugar, which is naturally occurring and not added. Just peanuts and salt. Give it a try.