Cryptids of teh World

Am I missing something? Why is Scotland spelled Stocland?

Stocland? [Yes, it fits the spelling liberties taken in the description, but I’m not getting the presence on the shirt… if there is a secret message to suss out this year, I’m afraid I’ve gone dunder-headed.]

No Graboids from Nevada?

lol at the Japan one…Ningen literally means “human”, though it is also a mythical creature of Japanese origins

…aaand now I get it.

Woot is looking for an editor/proofreader to correct their spelling (see the surveys and write-up) but misspelling a word on a shirt is going too far. Will we get a corrected version after you hire someone who can spell?

(Wow. Woot is using a reverse auto-correct app. I actually thought I had made an error and went back to correct it but I was wrong about being wrong. Yes, you got me, Woot. Happy April 1.)

I was wondering if I missed some joke, k n o w and no, blatantly swapped words…among other things. But ah, then I saw Zekecatz’s comment. Remember what day it is.

Woot’s messing with our comments even. I thought I was seeing things because I’m tired…

No Champ? NO CHAMP???


Only a fool would scream and run from such cute critters.

That’s not part of our filters. The artist has pinged the shirt crew, though. Should get taken care of in the morning.

Love the Chupacabra, but it looks like Nessie’s about to make a snack outta the little guy.

I’m so sorry guys, I already contacted Sir Mike about it. To shirt.woot staff I’m so sorry for the trouble. I messed up Big. =(

Great style, krisren! This is a sweet 9-pack of cryptids.

No skunk ape = no buy.

Come on everyone knows this is the real New Jersey devil.

No Jackalope?

No Kappa?

There is too many US ones…
^ Why is Woot changing my t-h-e-r-e to they’re above???

The Chpacabra is so adorable!

What? No Rougarou? There is even a show running now about the Rougarou called “Cryptids”.