Crystorama Lighting Fixtures

these things look gaudy.

Yeah, isn’t it awesome!

We have a small one similar to 2nd row on the right hanging on one side of our kitchen and it looks really cool. Of course maybe we are gaudy people.

lol. my grandparents had a chandelier hanging in the dining room of a house they rented about 25 years ago. it was all clear fake plastic pieces that I thought were diamonds at one time. reminds me of some of this stuff.

I usually prefer very simple lighting at the house. although when I go on a cruise or to a nice resort the elaborate stuff looks nice.

Forget gaudy, who in the heck wants to keep this any of this stuff dusted? …and yes I am assuming if you’re shopping on woot! you probably don’t have a maid…

don’t assume. there’s at least one person on here that talks about a maid.