CS is not responding [resolved]

I emailed CS a week ago about my order of 2 sterno light strings along with a copy of my tracking showing it made it to my post office in mid-Sept, but no further. I was told it sent to someone else and I would hear back in 2 days - 7 days ago. I have emailed the past 5 days to find wth is going on and when I do get a response it is “someone else is working on it.”

I am including the order and tracking info and would appreciate someone helping me get my $ back

(VMod edit: I blurred out your personal info.)

Thank you, I thought I had - you all are the best

This has been resolved.

CS was allowing time to see if your post office would deliver the information.

You’ll find you get better responses from CS if you don’t email them repeatedly.

It would be helpful if CS had emailed and said “we are waiting on the post office” versus “I see another person is handling this.”

In this case, I did not even contact the post office until 2 wks after it was delivered there and after speaking with the postmaster I emailed CS. I would think that over 2 wks from the time it was delivered to the post office and not to my house was more than ample time for Woot to know I was not actually getting the items.

It was delivered to my post office on 9/13, I called the post office on 9/28, I contacted CS on 9/28 and wasn’t refunded until 10/5 - 22 days after it was delivered to the post office.

I realize you may not have known the actual timeliness of events, even though I posted the actual tracking - I don’t expect for you to remember the details, but at the same time, please do not attempt to explain away a delay in why CS didn’t issue my refund by blaming me for following up.

Crap like: we will accept your return, but won’t pay for shipping back - that I have been getting as a response from CS lately has been pure BS. I did not say, nor post anything about it, until Woot tried to blame me AGAIN.

I have been really decent about things…I get it, Woot makes some major mistakes and I accept that, but STOP GASLIGHTING your customers

Rant over - nothing personal TT, I think you do the best with what you have and do try to help wherever, whenever you can