CS LABS Firmware Bug Fix Repair Tool Kit

CS LABS Firmware Bug Fix Repair Tool Kit

I broke down and bought this kit. I have a drive that died 12 years ago from the “click of death” firmware bug. I actually bought that drive here on Woot also. That was the start of affordable digital cameras for co sumers and I went all in. The firmware bug struck after 9 months of use. All my digital photos were on it. I did some research on it back then and they were working on a solution but it relied on perfect timing, and having the right sized crows feet under the second blue moon…

I put the drive up until a better day. That day came when this product showed up on Woot and I bought it. I was able to work some MS magic and got the kit to work under Windows 10. Not a simple task. It took me less than 5 minutes to run the procedures and revive my long dead drive. I rescued the data and copied it all to a different disk.

Great product offering that brought back long lost photos and ancient scans.

Thank you!