CSI: Crime Scene Integers

…and here we all thought 7 ate 9. Hell of a world.

I get it that the cops are the five-oh, but is there any significance to the other numbers?

Saw it coming. Numbers games are always deadly.

187? Nice touch :slight_smile:

edit: People are asking what the 187 means. It’s a code used by law enforcement to indicate a homicide.

one ate seven?

7 always gets a bad name…

Will the inevitable spin-offs feature fractions, decimals, and irrational numbers?

A 187 is a homicide - for those who didn’t know

187 = homicide in police speak

At least they can narrow it down to five suspects. My money’s on that bastard 2.

Thanks for the explanations! Clever shirt indeed. :slight_smile:

Had to search it up myself.


That cop ate so many donuts, he became one! Oh yeah, I went there. Old stereotypes/terrible jokes are true!

There’s something really appealing to me about the splatters under the numbers, combined with their facial expressions. It just makes for a great visual overall- fun design, and congrats on the print :smiley:

this is pretty cool. I have so many woot shirts though

Why does the 0 look angry?

Are you sure it wasn’t a dirty 50

That Darn Alphabet is always messing with Los Numeros. Thinking their better because the average person is bad at math and literacy is increasing…

Such a tragedy.

Book him, Danno! Murder one!