CT Clothing Sales Tax Shouldn't Be Collected

Hi, have tried sending two messages but getting form responses, clearly not being read. I realized that for years Woot has been charging me sales tax on clothing for the probably over hundred t-shirts as well as the odd pair of shoes and other clothing that I buy.

This shouldn’t be happening, as clothing under $50 has been exempt from sales tax since at least 1991.


I’ve read how multi-million dollar class action lawsuits have been filed for exactly this in NY, but all I’m asking for is for Woot to fix their code and stop charging tax and hopefully refund me and my fellow CT folks the sales tax you shouldn’t have charged us all these years. Thanks in advance for your time and help

Wasn’t that superceded by SN 92(3.1), which was superceded by PS 2001(6), which was superceded by SN 2003(3), which was, in turn amplified by IP 2006(13), and then superceded again?

Granted, your point still stands…

Yeah, there should be a law against this!

Like there’s still tax-exempt anything left in Connecticut. :rofl:

Hi there. Thank you for your post. I put in a ticket with our developers so they can take a look at it.

Hello again. This has been fixed. Let me know if you see anything further.

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Does that mean our refund checks are in the mail?