Cthulhu and Friends

Thank you, Spiritgreen. Squee factor 10.

Now this is a PA(aaaarrrghhhhhh)RTY!

Not comfortable with the black character named shub “niggur”-ath.

That’s… quite offensive.

Blame Lovecraft – that one’s known as ‘The Black Goat of The Woods’ – debate about that but here’s the description from the site I linked: ‘She is a perverse fertility deity said to appear as an enormous cloudy mass which extrudes black tentacles, slime-dripping mouths, and short, writhing goat legs’ Spiritgreen just makes it cute ; )

Um, yeah. Lovecraft was pretty much a giant racist. My fifteen-year-old is a big fan of the writing, but a huge critic of this aspect. I’m definitely buying this shirt for him - he will flip.

I thought Lovecraft pretty much hated feared or mistrusted everyone. I enjoy how weird his stories are but they don’t really say anything positive about anybody. That said the shirt is cute and I have a daughter who will love it.

Nyarko approves.

I would so watch Wheel! of! Horror!

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is noticeably missing. Perhaps he wasn’t one of the cool kids in his daycare group?

Is there any way to order this in kids sizes?

Unfortunately, we’re out of stock, but hopefully we’ll get more back in as soon as we can.

I couldn’t resist smooshing together these two pantheons of characters.

Thanks for printing this Sanrio X Lovecraft cute-fest, woot!

Yeah, he kind of hated the modern world and everything that smacked of change, and immigrants and minorities were a big part of the modern, changing world. For whatever it’s worth, he married a Jewish Ukrainian immigrant, so his views were contradictory in practice.

Edited to comment on shirt: is this shirt too adorable? I can’t decide.

Awesome!!! I wish my wife would let me buy new T-shirts, 'cause this would be #1 on my list!

Love this SG-

My sister went through a massive Sanrio phase and I always dug Badtz Maru- Glad you brought him and the others closer toward their dark potential! :smiley:

I would so watch Wheel! Of! Horror! and Elder Justice…

But a shogoth is just a minion. Why not Hastur, Azathoth, or Tsathoggua?

Man do I wish this was available in a K6 as well.

Yeah, I was surprised this was printed while the kids sizes are all out. Maybe they’re restocking soon?..

EDIT: Yep, mostly restocked now. :^)