Cthulhu Hears The Call

Oh and I laughed. Bright shirt color really suits the image, nice to see a Lovecraft themed shirt in a bouncy almost gleeful blue…

This design seems awfully familiar…

This is “Cthorton” and a cute one at that. Love this shirt.
Only if Lovecraft knew that his Cthulhu can be loveable as Seuss’s Horton.

The curious minded should look here.

and here

Uh oh.

Seriously thought the same thing! That story is really good too.

Thought the same thing… http://io9.com/5847879/what-if-dr-seuss-wrote-the-call-of-cthulhu

OK people, artists can have similar ideas and not be “copying” or stealing or even aware of each others’ ideas. Artistically this t-shirt design is distinct from the deviant art linked work. The execution and design is different. This woot design looks decidedly more Horton-ish and has a different style. I actually like it better, it’s cuter. Which also makes it more disturbing. Cute Cthulhu…

Love the design today! On a side note, can someone clue me in to the Anvil vs. American Apparel thing? Need to know what I’m ordering before I order it.

P.S. Never mind on the Anvil vs American Apparel fight. I was able to find some older threads on it.

It may have been done before, but this composition works really well for this shirt. Good job, I say.

Splendid ORabbit!
Glad this found a home.

I can hear the call!

I think it’s true that there’s not enough for any legal case to be made. However, I DO think it’s close enough to warrant question and discussion. IMHO, if this artist had no foreknowledge of the Deviant Art artist, then bully for them (and us): fun idea well executed. But if they DID know about the other before hand, or even if anybody involved in the approval process knew about it, then legal or not, I find it morally questionable at best.

Honestly I would be surprised if NOBODY involved was aware of the former - it was a moderately large internet hit when the first half of it was released.

Yes, I found that other very well done parody after doing my initial sketch. It was in a phase when I was mashing Cthulhu with anything with a trunk. I decided to go forward with it. I felt it was different enough. YMMV.

A note on the title. I interpret “The Call of Cthulhu” to mean that the ancient one is called out of his deathless tomb, rather than the one doing the calling. That’s why he’s got his ears perked up in my drawing. He’s heard the call, and is coming out to say “Hellooooo!”

After The Cat in the Box (http://shirt.woot.com/offers/the-cat-in-the-box) I rather expected to see more Dr. Seuss parodies. Well done, here.

Cthulhu meets Doctor Seuss? This is so much an insta-buy it’s not even funny. Brilliant design (perfectly mirroring Seuss’s work), awesome write-up, gorgeous colors. And now it’s all MINE! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

By the way, here’s the original sketch. I’ll be giving it away to one random person who likes my Facebook page! The link is in my signature. Just post a comment so I know you were there. Thumbs up!

On the thirteenth of June, when the planets align
In the light of the moon, beneath red elder sign
He was sleeping… forming the seas great maw…
When Cthulhu the great old one heard the call…


AWESOME- More orabbit Cthulhu!

Morally questionable? shrug That’s what I don’t understand. Where does the line get drawn in the art world over what does and does not constitute “copying” or “stealing” ideas. I mean the art world is freakin’ huge and there’s no way to not be influenced by other works of art we all see.

I’m a dabbling artist myself but I’ve never tried doing any commercial work. Perhaps that’s what makes this a touchier issue, the selling of these designs on T-shirts. It seems to me like a lot of people get really worked up over any design that has any passing similarity to something else that someone has done before. I’m all for protecting artists rights to their work but a lot of the hulaballo seems overwrought to me. I mean if I had an idea to draw the Loc Ness Monster in a Dr Suessy style and I did so on my own and using my own execution it wouldn’t be copying or stealing for me to do so just because someone else might have already had a similar idea and drawn it already, whether I had foreknowledge of it or not.

When I see “The Call of Cthulhu” I think of Metallica!!