Cube Memory 4GB Micro SD with Adapter

I just lost my adaptor about two hours ago…
Maybe I need this

Might as well grab a snickers…we’re not going anywhere for a while.

work’s! there is one in my phone.
But instead of 4gb micro sd cards how about some 500gb or 1tb harddrives?

carp! bought a 2gb one of these the other day!

good lord more micro sd’s

if these were 8gig I’d be all over them, 4gigs are a tad small for my tastes

better brands with same deal at slickdeals… pass on this

everyone buy 3

I heard this guy got his 9s in a Ridiculous Brownie of Chocolate!!!

Was 5.99 last woot off…buy much.

Oh yay! Just in case I missed buying this the first 20 times, here it is again!!!


I’m in for 3, great for Windows Mobile Phone

Oh no no no woot! please do not fall into these dod sites running dealextreme items. Where is the TF adapter ?

have i missed the bag of carp

wish that would work on a digital camera…or does it?? anyone know

I wooted two a few weeks back. Only one of them works, but I cannot get a response from Dane-Elec for warranty coverage (tried phone and email). Anyone else had any luck with returns?

In for 2… trying to keep this rolling.

Amazon had a better brand for cheaper.

two weeks from now we get 16GB fro 2.59