Cube Memory 4GB Micro SD with Adapter

I need one of these for my phone…

Ship to Japan? :wah:

fuck yeah in for 3

how many micro sd cards do we need?

These worked fine in my parents’ BlackBerry phones, pictures and videos galore.

crap, I bought 3x 2GB Micro SD cards last week.

Can’t see myself getting 3 more.

SD card, i’d like you to meet THE CLAW!

Despite the capacity, price, and features, having never heard of Cube Memory before, this is a pass. NEXT!

Memories all I have is my memories says that cat to another cat

Can’t take anymore. Work in the morning. Good night Woot.

Just got the 2gb ones last week, don’t need these.

I want a stupid Bandolier of Carrots!

I have at least 6 2GB micro SD cards that I have not yet opened!

I want to get 3 of these, but no need!

I think I have a woot problem!

I agree - I got 3 the last time they were up on the normal woot - I use them with my Nikon D60, and 2 mp3 players - they work well, normal read/write speed, and haven’t done anything odd…

For those asking who Cube is - they rebrand the cards only - they don’t make them

Love the reply :o)

It works great with the claw. Buy three to see for yourself!

We want the bag!!!

in for 2

Send them to me and buy more. :slight_smile:

so about these bags…they come around just once during a woot off or possibly more than once?

Well, I did miss it last time, so I’m in for two this time.

Burp Of Carnivore