Cube Memory 4GB Micro SD with Adapter

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New Cube Memory 4GB Micro SD with Adapter, for $3.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Cube Memory CU-SDMC-4096-B 4GB Micro SD with Adapter

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Buy them up guys… I already have a bunch of these.


not bad i guess, shud sell out quickly

just want i needed for my sansa i have. I’m in

knocks on wood

my phone takes microSD… but it came with an 8gb card in it… so… i’ll pass.

Its like two items for one low price!

Not bad…
of course, I stocked up on memory LAST week!


missed it =(

Wow, nice!!

before i could think about whether i should buy one or not it was gone, thats probably for the best!


Damn! They sold 177 of these in under ONE MINUTE at six in the !#$%@#$%@#$% morning?

Sometimes it really stinks being relegated to modem-country, argh!

I hit it the instant it showed, but I still wasn’t fast enough.

Grumble sputter fume…

Oh, well. On the other hand, I don’t have to drive around the block fifty times trying to find a parking place, worry about having my car hauled off if I don’t service the meter in time, or worry about being smacked with draconian fines if I don’t manage to play the “alternate side parking” game (in which all the cars that won’t fit on BOTH sides of the street are required to move to be parked on ONE side of the street, putatively to enable the streetsweeper machine to clean the curb, but since it only makes a token appearance once every year or so, we all new what it was really about).

Yes, I do miss good pizza (incomperable, actually) and equally amazing bagels, and fresh seafood – and, the New York Museum of Natural History.

Other than that, I guess I prefer my five acres and two ponds out here in rural Michigan.

Still, it sure would be nice to be able to get something better than the 49,2 I can get with a good tailwind (or 48 the rest of the time).

Woulda been nice to get three more SD cards for our cameras and media players too.