Cube Monkeys


I’m one. Anyone else stuck in a cube right now? What color is yours? Mine’s grey and beige!


I’ve escaped from mine.


My walls are Woot-green, but I’m remote-desktop’d into it at the moment and don’t have to look at them… :slight_smile:


Are there bars on the windows?


I really don’t know where I am right now, but please try back later or leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible.

SILLINESS: Randomly quoted posts of no particular significance.

No cube, I have white walls and a door. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Blue, long time no sea!



I have bars on my windows at work, really.


That must suck…

Edit: Bad neighborhood, or are you in law enforcement?


I have never worked in a cube. Dilbert is meaningless. Office Space was not funny… (actually it was very funny.)


The second choice. They have me in the basement. I don’t have windows in my office, per se, but when I step out my office door there are bars on the openings to the outside world.


Get back to work! Management is watching you…


Who is Gerry Anderson?


Why he’s John Galt, of course.


Was Kilroy here?





Someone put a Dilbert comic on the coffee maker a while back and I think I chuckled at it. I felt dirty.


And how did you feel about feeling dirty?


Was it his tie??