Cubicles and Coworkers

Ampersandshake : )

Really wish people would balance their stats a bit more, at least when they always have the option to with point buy. It’s always either high CHA and super low INT and WIS or low CHA and STR and high INT and WIS.

Come on guys, try something new once in a while.

This makes so much sense.

Aww, wish this had come out BEFORE I retired.

I can only assume that you were referring to the quality of the shirts as of late. Most have been lacking INT and CHA…

Coworkers, but that works too. But I did like the Reading Rambo one.

Perfect Fridayware for the cube farm. In for one.

Shakes my fist at my brain trying to read that as Cow-orkers… whyyyy?

I’ve long had a sneaking suspicion that cubicles and RPG video game dungeons were designed by the same person…

Is it a cow or is it an ork? It’s the dreaded cow-ork! Kind of like a Minotaur but more cow.

I dunno, sounds more like they’re cows from the planet Ork. Ye know, the world Mork is from?

namoo namoo?

i love this so much i want to marry it.


It’s a… (rolls dice) pleasure to meet you!

Can we please put a collar on this and make it business casual? The boost to my moral stat would be enough to help me beat the game.

Put the dice away before I take them away.

Perfectly put. I feel like I’m a pretty good stat balancer, but I get knocked around on occasion by those who munchkin half their numbers to the detriment of the rest. =\

Anyway, neato shirt. Tempting, but I’m on the edge. Not terribly effective outside of the office, possible too effective within.

(I dislike doing this, but…) LOL