Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

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Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical
Price: $249
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Condition: New


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What good is this if you can’t hang clothes on it?

I found a plethora of fitdesks on craigslist a couple weeks ago for $100 or less. Some were full bike size and others were under the desk models. I got an under desk one in great working condition for just $40. Love it!

Why exercise if you can’t get credit for it on fitbit. Just bought one!

why so expensive!!! WSE!?

You strap your fitbit to your ankle!

Nailed it. Best comment I’ve seen on WOOT!

Serious answer. You can manually enter your miles in the app.

I have one of these under my desk now. It was very easy to put together and is a nice option for a bit of extra movement while on conference calls or reviewing paperwork. It’s quiet with smooth motion. The app had a connection problem with the June update but customer service was responsive and they fixed the issue with the next update. I should use it more but otherwise pleased with the be mindful of placement and desk height so you don’t knock your knees, I’m pretty petite so don’t run into much of a problem but some people might!

Hmmm… gets an F from Fakespot regarding it’s Amazon review trustworthiness.

If this thing is bluetooth enabled then it must have some kind of power need, but I don’t see anything in the pics or description about a battery or power cable. Does this thing need to be plugged in to use or does it have some kind of charging cable?

Which did you purchase instead?


Fakespot isn’t that accurate.

You can sort reviews by Verified Purchasers. There are many 5 star ratings there as well.

I have the FitDesk that I purchased on Woot for about $100 a couple of years ago. I love it. No app but battery powered to a meter that tracks mileage, calories burned, time, and speed. It was back on Woot last month I think. It comes out a couple times a year it seems on Woot but is also on Amazon.

Two words: shoe rack

I put my dog’s collars on it, she’s rather short for the other gym equipment I have.

Thanks for the tip on Fakespot. Only 200 of 359 reviews are verified purchases.

Aside from Fakespot (though doesn’t work for this one), go to reviews>most recent and search the oldest ones for “‘I received this product free (or at a discount) in exchange for my unbiased’… blah blah blah”

My question is… how distracting is to get work done when doing excersive at the same time?