Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

Seriously? I thought this was a joke price. $30 product with $10 app for $249?

You can’t even hang clothes on it.

Really Want to buy it, not sure if it would work at my desk, not worth the hassle and %15 restocking fee if wrong.

I have the other one without the app. Why buy one with an app. that has a lot of problems and probably will not use after the newness wears off??. I like mine, and do not have to worry with the stupid app on the phone.

Well. I got one. I’m happy with this. The app integrates the steps into fitbit so that helps with my overall step goal. I have a standing desk. But found out that I have severe arthritis in my inner left knee so the standing desk did not help. Getting around has been tough even after a steroid shot to the knee. This lets me at least do a non-impact exercise while I’m sitting in my home office and do something to help my diminished ability to walk as my knee pain is pretty intense. If you have to sit at a desk all day I’d seriously consider this. It is very quiet. People on the phone do not hear it at all. I’m really happy I have some way to do lower body exercise once again and at a decent price. And get steps counted in fitbit.