Sort of a Rubik-Mondrian.

Another trick is to make your own stickers and put 'em on there. Makes for a cool custom gift.

I would like this shirt SO MUCH without the text.

So I’m pretty sure this isn’t solvable, there’s blue at both the center top and center right. Centers can’t move, they can only rotate, therefore this would be an extremely frustrating puzzle.

Not to be “that guy”, but this Rubik’s Cube is unsolvable. One corner has two reds, and also there are two center blues.

I’m so sorry. I hate being “that guy”. I’ll hang my head in shame and leave quietly now.

I fear that if I wear this shirt, people will come up and try to peel off the stickers to get the cube to work, but in the end they’ll have just pulled out some of my chest hairs.

Dude across the hall has one of these and has memorized its solution. He’ll probly end up buying this. I love its Escher-esque feel!

The artist blurb isn’t kidding; for the cube to exist as pictured, the stickers would have to have been taken off… and then put back on incorrectly. Note that in the one corner we can see three sides of, one is yellow and two are red. This cube can’t be solved…

I sort of miss Heather Grey for shirts like this. =P

Cute design!

It has the X, Y, & Z-axis mapped nicely. It’s all about volume, without the annoying BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! of the party next door!

Well, if we’re going to get particular the cube is also missing one of it colors.

Though I think that’s more the fault of woot’s 6 color limit and the color black being used for the lines.

Cheaters never win. That’s all I’m saying. :slight_smile:

That much could be explained by the sixth color appearing only on the other three sides. The other two issues mentioned in this thread, not so much.

If this is cubism shouldn’t we be seeing a couple more sides of the cube at the same time with more abstract angles? This seems a little more modernist.

My Snapple cap yesterday read:

If done perfectly(or correctly, idr which) a Rubick’s cube can be solved in 17 turns.

Question on the writeup: Is it referencing a particular poem, or is it a complete original? I’m not literate enough to recognize any poetry style outside of the immature limerick genre.

I find myself grossly concerned with why there are only five colors.

multiple blue center pieces and red squares touching on the corners make this puzzle impossible/not a real rubik’s

me too!