Cuddly Wrap Chocolate Throw - Set of 2

I got a couple of the burgundy ones a couple of months ago too. I like them because I keep my house pretty cold and they are much thicker fleece than most of these things. I haven’t noticed shedding but then I have cats so maybe it just mixed with the fur. Given the price, I’m guessing the brown ones are the very thin fleece and not very useful.

Too bad. I would be in for 3. It’s not cheap outfitting an entire cult.

Hmmm - I’m considering whether I want to buy these as a halloween costume for next year - my best friend and I had been talking about going around the neighborhood as the Monty Python chanting monks for years now. Even if they’re open in the back, safety pins could take care of that for one night.

From the reports of shedding though, that might be the extent of their use.

we sold a sewing machine the other day. probably will again. You can DIY it.

I dont know, how good it would be.

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