Cuisinart 10-Cup Coffeemaker

The manual states that the gold filter will not be included with refurbished units. I don’t recall seeing this displayed anywhere… I grabbed mine for $29, so I’m not complaining… much.

Also, the filter is itty bitty. For some reason I was picturing a larger filter. But does size really matter?

Purchased this a couple weeks ago and it arrived but does not work. I contacted woot and they said they have no models to exchange. How is that so if this is this still listed here?

Everything is good with this machine, unless you want to grind and brew! After the first grind/brew, the bean reservoir will fill with steam/moisture and and turn the little bit of bean powder to sludge. You have to clean the container and dry it EVERY time. That bad design, ladies and gentlemen, is why this machine is on woot!!..makes great coffee fast tho!