Cuisinart 10-Cup Coffeemaker

I bought this to replace the same coffee that was about 6 years old. I had such high hope for it bc I loved my other one. This does make a good cup of coffee but I wish it Brewed “hotter” and the burner stayed on instead of turning off right after the brew cycle. It’s just an ok coffee pot esp for the price.

Does this need a water line piped to it?

The refurbished version does NOT include a gold filter; you have to go out and buy one. Mr. Coffee #4 “sorta” fits (but not perfectly).

A lot of plastic parts. Needs more cleaning than my old Capresso.

Makes a decent cup of coffee. Seems to use a lot of beans (meaning that flow is too fast)
Grade: B-

Had a bad feeling when opening the box. Packaged sloppily. Then when I plugged it in did not work. Could not have been reconditioned.

Bought one last time around. Extremely disappointed. Coffee doesn’t stay hot in the thermal carafe, even when I pre-warm the pot. The grinder needs to be cleaned each time and is such a mess that I stopped using it. The steam from brewing the coffee (even without using the grinder) gets up into the grinder components making an awful mess and you can’t run the coffeemaker without the grinder in place. I want to throw it in the trash.

I’ve had my coffeemaker for five months. It worked fine. Yesterday, I turned it on and nothing … It has power, but it won’t perk/drip.