Cuisinart 10-Cup Coffeemaker

I bought this off of here the last time they had it. I love it and have had no problems with it. Wish it was bigger than 10 cups because I drink a lot of coffee. Love this coffee maker!

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Bought one of these last time around. It works fine and looked brand new. People just need to realize what they are getting into when you combine a grinder and a coffee maker into one unit. The grind chamber is going to get moisture in it during brewing and you need to clean things out after every brew cycle.

You can bypass the grind portion of the brew if you want and just use preground coffee as well.

This brewer uses a flat bottomed filter rather than a cone filter.

The carafe keeps the coffee hot for quite a while as long as you preheat it with hot water before brewing. If you use the timer preheating is not really option though. It still does well, just not as good as it could with preheating.

I purchased this about two months ago. Great coffee maker for the price. Grinds and brews very good coffee. There are a lot of parts that need to be cleaned after every use regardless of whether you grind your coffee or not. Although refurbished, looked brand new when I received it.

I love this coffee pot! We really only use it when we have guests since my husband started using a french press but even then we can brew a pot and still have hot coffee 4 hours later. I think the best thing about this is the thermal pot - most other coffee pots burn the coffee after 30 minutes.

I purchased this when it was $49, because it was a steal then. However, the grinding mechanism allows steam to get back into the grinder. It takes ten minutes to clean it after one use. So, use ground coffee, or grind it first, and simply use the coffee maker without the grinder and this becomes a good deal again. After cleaning it the first time, I realized why this thing is on super-clearance sale.

If you don’t mind little light cleaning for superb coffee, this one is for you.

Yes it does take about 5 min to clean per time, but not a big deal to me for good coffee.

We’ve had Cuisinart Grind and Brews for years. They are the best for freshly brewed, freshly ground coffee. Cleaning is very easy. Plus no need to buy filters. Great price too!

I take it you don’t realize how much better coffee tastes when it is ground right before brewing? That’s the whole reason for a grind & brew system. That being said, I’ve had a system like this before and cleaning is a giant pain in the ass. You just have to be prepared to rinse a lot of components and set them out dry.

Does it come with the gold filter basket and charcoal filter?

No. The Factory Reconditioned coffeemakers do not come with those.

Bought one last time it Wooted and LOVE it! Great coffee, stays warm a long time. I do clean the parts after I brew, no problem, and if you warm the carafe with hot water before brewing it stays warm even longer. It is a little noisy while grinding, to be expected, clears the cats out of the kitchen quickly. Highly recommended.

Does it come with the gold filter basket and charcoal filter?

Here’s a Cuisinart gold filter you can get for ~ $6.70 (Prime)

Charcoal filter holder from ebay $4.19 + shipping

[12-pack of charcoal filters $7.48 (Prime)](™+Coffeemaker+charcoal+filter+holder 12 pack charcoal filters)

This same refurbished coffee maker is $74.27 at Amazon but, it comes with a gold filter!

I concur. Took the words right out of my mouth.

I love this coffeemaker. I just bought a second one about a month ago on Woot. Yes, it does take some time to clean the grinder but we don’t really use it for that. There is an issue with the on/off button getting moisture inside it and then it doesn’t start until you hold the button until it connects. Personal experience confirmed that. Blowing warm air into the unit for about an hour dries it out and it’s as good as new.

We have had two similar coffee makers. We use a separate grinder, so the chamber moisture issue isn’t an issue for us. But if you’ve never used a drip coffee maker with a thermal carafe, be prepared to have your world rocked. I will NEVER go back to a glass carafe that burns the coffee.
In fact I even use our carafe by itself to hold my french press coffee when I go fancy on the weekends.

If you do have a glass carafe, just get a thermal pot that is very similar to the carafe here and transfer the coffee as soon as it’s done brewing. I used the Genuine Joe line of carafes before getting this Cuisinart. I would basically make a “pour-over” into the SS carafe using a #6 filter sized dripper.

Here is an example carafe that is 1L.
Here is the dripper that I used with it.