Cuisinart 10-Piece Contour® Cookware Set

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Cuisinart 10-Piece Contour? Cookware Set
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Product Page for the 44-10N

Cuisinart Home

Time to check out the product page for the 64-10N

Cuisinart itself lists the MSRP as $159, not $400.

…and a very unsatisfied customer over at Overstock

I have glass cook top. Will these pans work?

Is the 44-10N considered “all clad” stainless steel?

I bought this set (stainless) the last time they were on Woot, and I’m very pleased with them. They work well on my glass cooktop, but the tag in the box says they will NOT work on induction cooktops.
I find that I use lower heat settings with this set than my previous old Circulon set. Definately not non-stick, but with a little oil or butter I’ve had no problems with food sticking. Clean up is easy, and they look nice. The glass lids seem quite substantial, and hold up well so far. Overall, I’d recommend this set.

Not sure if those are the same product.

BTW, Cuisinart has jumped on the “B line” wagon with mediocre products carrying what was once a premium name.

They may still make some traditional “A” quality products, but a lot of coffee grinders, etc, are the same Chinese products you see with many other names.

Buyer beware.

This link is for a review of Contour hard anodized cookware not for the Stainless Steel set.

I found some positive reviews on Amazon for the Stainless Steel set.



I have a cuisinart 419-18p pour saucepan, and if my memory serves, trying to use it on my parents induction cooker was a fail so that is correct.

I love that pot, and this set would go with it perfectly, so anyone care to give me a reason why I shouldn’t buy them?

Who are all these people with induction ranges? Every time pots or pans are sold on here, people come out of the woodwork talking about induction. I don’t know a single person who uses that nonsense. I’m sure it makes you feel like you’re in the Jetsons or something, but if you have this much trouble finding cookware for your stove, perhaps you have the wrong stove. Maybe get off Woot for a while, save up your money, and buy yourself a gas range like a normal person. All pans work with fire. Twenty thousand years and counting.

Sorry… it’s just… Every. Time.

That made me LOL because I think the SAME THING every time cookware is on Woot.
I don’t know a single person who has induction. Clearly it’s not the norm. :wink:

Duck gas. I have never been in a house with a gas stove and never will. If I ever have to cook with one of those things I’ll burn the place to the plucking ground.

Not every induction cooker is an entire stovetop. There are quite a few which are single burners you can store in a cabinet or under your sink. Nu wave, Duxtop, Waring, they’re quite nice actually if you get a good one. Mmm, magnets.

Ever been in a restaurant?

And if you get pots that work with it. Which, evidently, is the hard part.

There is a very large difference between a glass range and induction.

I have induction cooktops. So now you know someone. I started with a NuWave appliance, and loved induction so much, after my previous infatuation with gas, that I ripped out my gas range and put in a new induction range (Electrolux).

Induction cooktops may not be the norm, but for those who have tried them, you have a very loyal (and expanding) following.

And yes, I am on Woot, could use a new matching cook set, so induction-ready is just a bit important to me.

I actually have an induction single burner (actually, three of them) and have bought one for a good friend.
I think what you see here is that: Anyone who has an induction thinks that’s how they may stay for evermore . . . (yes, they are THAT good)
And, more importantly, not checking out if a pan works on induction is akin to buying clothing or shoes on woot! without getting to pick the size: it MAY work, when you get it home, or it was an expensive waste of money that now you have to gift away.
So, getting to pick the size shoes or finding out if it works on induction is the same: if you are wrong, you end up with an expensive planter . . . or a pair of small expensive planters.