Cuisinart 10-Piece Profile Stainless Cookware Set

Cuisinart 10-Piece Profile Stainless Cookware Set
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Does this cookware work on induction cooktops?

No it does not. Stainless Steel is non-magnetic, and does not work on induction pads.

I bought a slightly larger set a while back, and found that even the large skillet is too small to fry bacon – you need a 12" pan for that.

Plus, stainless steel does not “season” like cast iron does, and it is a very STICKY surface. I clean mine with a buffing wheel mounted in a DRILL! Soap just cries trying to clean EVERYTHING you cook off of this stuff.

I will say that the handles tend to stay cool enough to touch when you wouldn’t expect them to, and the base is heavy enough to provide even heat.

I like my larger set, with a steamer and collander though.

All stainless cookware without a Teflon coating is ‘sticky’ (if not cooking soup or something liquidy) and you are supposed to use some kind of fat/oil so the food doesn’t stick (if you do not season the pans).

Other than this model being sticky, how do you feel the quality is? Any pitting, discoloring from cooking? Does it cook evenly?

Oh and yes you can season stainless steel just like cast iron. However, maintenance will be similar to cast iron…as in do not wash it with soap, or you can season it before every time you cook if you want to wash with soap and water after each use.

Some stainless steel is used for inductive cooking but not these since they have aluminium at the base.

Dude, stainless steel is made of iron and nickel, both of which are magnetic. It absolutely IS magnetic, and works with induction cook tops.

Caveat: I have no knowledge of whether THIS set works with inductives. It could just be stainless plated or something over aluminum, which does NOT work. But the claim that stainless doesn’t work with inductive is just wrong.

You are sort of correct. Most stainless steels are not magnetic, hence they don’t rust do to extremely low carbon content (0.03 for SA-316)
Now SA-410ss is magnetic but has a higher carbon (0.15)

I’d ask Woot to confirm yes or no before purchasing. I was about to buy and saw some of the comments and am holding off. Stainles steel is made out of iron and is magnetic. I have four stainless steel pots at the house and I tested them with a magnet before buying. Some of the other comments made sense though. The Amazon description for this product doesn’t mention induction cooking but another similar set labeled 77-10 says it will work fine with an induction system. However I found this listing for what appears to be another similar set . There’s no mention of induction in the list of heating elements.

Woot staff, could you let us know whether this set works with induction.

Awwwwwwww, I was rather enjoying the science lesson.

But yes, I’ve emailed asking.

The trick to cooking in a stainless skillet is to get the pan up to cooking temp before putting in the oil. Cold oil in a cold pan = sticking. The trick to cleaning them is Barkeeper’s Friend.

How would cooking with this compare to cooking with the tri-ply that people often recommend (and that has shown up on Woot recently, too)?

That was my question - is this full tri-ply or encapsulated base?

Only cookware designed explicitly to work with induction cooktops will work with induction.

An advantage of pans that stick, you deglaze the stuck on particles to make gravy!

Non stick makes lousy gravy.

Here is a link to a previous discussion. That said, the links to Overstock discussions are for the Classic set, not the Profile set. From what I can see, the Profile set is either discontinued or available only from big box stores.

We’d need for Cuisinart to state whether or not the Profile series is suitable for induction ranges. Some of the stainless lines are able to be used for induction cooking (Tri-Ply and the Green), but most aren’t.

With respect to cleaning the stainless steel pan, the key is not to let things sit. I immediately fill the bottom of the pan with soapy water. After I eat, I’ll clean the pan and the gunk comes right off. Maybe I’ll make light use of a kitchen sponge. I don’t use the dishwasher for pans.

All that having been said, is this a nice set of pots and pans to have? Is it heavy enough? It’s not that ultra lightweight fly away stuff, is it? I like my pots to have some heft to them. Being from Cuisinart I wouldn’t exxpect it to be…

And if you screwed up and burnt all your food on the bottom, you can still boil a thin layer of water on the bottom of the pan and lightly scrape everything off with a spatula.

Actually… Stainless steel does work on induction cook tops and is magnetic.

Your argument about not seasoning like cast is valid. I just wanted to correct a false statement as I have and use stainless steel on induction… daily.

EDIT: I did notice this has an aluminum core. Aluminum is not magnetic. The stainless still will still work, but you need to make sure it comes in contact with the induction pad for it to work. Too much distance it won’t work. These would not be the BEST for induction but likely still work.

You’re quite right! A few drops of water on the skillet will test the temp.
When the drops begin to “dance”, it’s time.

Barkeeper’s Friend is also our friend.