Cuisinart 10Pc Aluminum NonStick Cookware Set

I haven’t seen lid fighting in a long time, but it should be fun to watch this time. It’s time to fight tight people!

“Glass lids fight tight to lock in flavor, texture and nutrients”


What’s the weight of each pot set? I’m torn not sure which one to get, sigh! Need to hold the pots in my hand.


According to Amazon,

Shipping Weight: 17.2 pounds

That’s as good as we can do.

Thank you

Sun uf a biatch I just dropped 2 bengis on this at bedbath&beyond a couple weeks ago despite the 20% off coupon this is a slightly…better deal.

Is the non-stick surface coating the kind that kills you? I don’t want that…yet.

I did my own research. Yes, it is, but all non-stick pans have it. The trick is to not let it get too hot, like 500 degrees.

Buy it!

I bought 'em. They’re wonderful. Buying more for gifts!

Best deal EVER- Please bring this back!!!