Cuisinart 10Pc Profile Hard Anodized Set



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Cuisinart 10Pc Profile Hard Anodized Set
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I had a set very similar to this for about 4 years. The most used items began to chip and be we began finding flakes of the non-stick coating in our food. Needless to say dumped it in favor of stainless steel cookware and we’re glad we made that decision.

Cuisinart’s service was abysmal, and despite these having a lifetime warranty, they came off as saying it must have been my fault, and if I wanted them to evaluate the damage, I needed to ship them at my expense.

I was not very happy.


I bought this exact set from Woot two years ago and I love it. Pans go on the stove and in the oven which is awesome when cooking steak or pork chops during winter. My fiance also has his self designated egg pan which is 100x easier to clean than my Emeril stainless steel pans which he ALWAYS burns food in. Just be sure to only use plastic, rubber, or wooden utensils in order to prevent scratching the finish.
I believe these are top rack dishwasher safe but I always hand wash mine with a non-abrasive sponge.
I highly recommend this set.


Have you noticed any wear like the previous poster? I am looking for a decent priced set, but don’t want to leap if these don’t hold up.


Is it dishwasher safe?


I bought this set and its great, even heat, cleans up easy, well worth the price.


ive had a set for ~4 years and all have held up very well. only use wooden or plastic utensils and handwash with scotch-brite non scratch scrub sponges. tempted to pick up a 2nd set…i paid around $300 from macys for this same set.


No, you should hand wash.


I’m pretty sure this is the product page, although the photo is a bit different.


Great starter cooking set! They are great because they can go in the oven without having to use another pan. Sear the steak on the top and then bake to finish! Super easy to clean, but do allow them to cool down before washing them in the sink. Well worth the price that Woot is selling them for right now.


I bought this set a few years ago. The exterior finish eventually just rubbed away. There is ugly, uneven brushed aluminum underneath. Cheaply made.


Is this a performance issue, or just cosmetic?


I bought this same set and tried washing one of the pieces in the dishwasher one time. It completely ruined the finish. If I had it to do over I would definitely get something better that can go in the dishwasher.


I’ve had these for 3+ years and no noticeable wear (except from my husband thinking stirring with a fork was ok when I first got them). I’m very picky about my cookware, and I love this line. very sturdy, great even cooking, easy to clean, not one complaint


What is the difference between “profile” hard anodized listed here and other sets online “contour” or “chef’s classic” hard anodized?


I am on my second set and have had no chipping, scratching or fading occur.

side note- It’s non-stick, just wash it in the sink people; stop being lazy.


The Profile is exclusive to Woot. It’s similar to the Contour.


I have this exact set in my kitchen right now. I’d tell you what I think of it, but Woot makes a habit of deleting my posts, so no.