Cuisinart 11-Pc. Cookware Set

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Cuisinart 11-Pc. Cookware Set
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Reviews at Overstock

I have this very set, paid $150 from the mothership about 4 years ago. They continue to hold up well for everyday use. The non-stick surface works very well, and if you’re inclined (I am) they can usually be wiped clean after cooking with warm water and a paper towel. They are also quite durable as they have survived many trips through the dishwasher while retaining their surface.


  • Non stick works well and is durable
  • handles never get hot
  • pans heat evenly and very quickly

Less Good:

  • very lightweight (that small saucepan will practically float away)

I’m very happy with this set and would recommend them for a budget-conscious cookware purchaser.

About 4 years ago I got a set of anodized Calphalon which started looking like hell almost immediately. I bought a few pieces of this stuff and it still looks terrific.

Anyone know if these are metal utensil safe? Some of the newer non-stick compounds won’t scratch and peel and give you cancer if you use metal instead of plastic on them.

They are supposed to be, but I would avoid it if you can. Yes, they are way more durable than traditional non-stick, but you’re still dealing with a coating.

Can anyone tell me if they are safe for the NuWave?

That’s induction? These aren’t compatible with induction stove tops.

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I used them while listening to Depeche Mode, and suffered no ill effects.