Cuisinart 12-Cup Coffeemaker

**Item: **Cuisinart 12-Cup Coffeemaker
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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You can get this brand new every day at CostCo for the same price.

dont bother get the costco one if youre a member…same thing new

same idea at the same time,bro. :smiley:

any sign of the boc today?

no grinder on this? get a breville!

so much for so little…

Thanks for the advice guys. Will pass…

See those red dots? That’s where Costco has locations. See all that other green & brown space? That’s where we reach. :tongue:

Owned one of these for about 6 years. Not a bad coffee maker.

I have this coffee maker, been using it for years. It’s solid. If/when I do finally upgrade it will be for one that has a built-in burr grinder. Very nice coffee maker, this is. I love the temperature control on it, so I can set it to high to make sure my coffee is piping hot.

I bought this coffeemaker from CostCo a while ago and really like it. (Currently, our CostCo sells a more expensive model.) The only negative thing is that you have to look down inside the coffeemaker while you’re adding water to see the level - no clear viewing panel on the side.

I would buy it again anyway though.

Extra Woot! for the Flash reference!