Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker

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Ok, now… what exactly is “Thermal” coffee maker? Are there any other kinds? What makes it different?

As far as I know, to make coffee, you need to run hot water or steam through… well… ground coffee… Doesn’t that make every kind of coffee maker thermal?

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Cleaning this might be a wee bit annoying since you can’t exactly see inside as good, but I guess the boiling water kills anything that might make you sick I guess. And won’t the stainless steel leave some sort of metallic taste?

Owned this for over two years, Awesome! Keeps a full pot of coffee drinkably hot for over 24 hours at basic room temp, MN winters outdoors adjust accordingly… Saw it last year at Kohls over Christmas for 120. Only downfall to this point is that the letters over the buttons wears off over the first year or so.

Bought this same thing in white at TJMaxx a couple of months ago for about the same price. It’s a great coffee maker. It keeps coffee nice and hot for hours. It’s easy to use, though cleaning can be a slight hassle since the carafe opening is too small for a hand to reach down and scrub out the inside. Definitely worth $40, in my opinion.

Good lord, the top opens up completely and the inside is coated with a pyrex type glass, so no metallic taste… Really? Metallic taste!!!

It’s a coffeemaker with a thermal (insulated) carafe, instead of a glass one. The coffee stays hot via the insulation, rather than a hotplate.

to add:

… which scorches the coffee, which equals gross coffee after a while. Thermal is the way to go!

Thermal just means that the contents (brewed coffee in this case) will stay hot for a long period of time even after the unit auto-shuts-off.

HELLZ YES! You Da Man Llamabox!

A thermal coffee maker is a coffee maker that has an insulated carafe. Like the one for sale here, the carafe is stainless steel, just like those insulated travel mugs.

The idea behins them is that the carafe is not heated by an element below, so over time, the water in the coffee does not evaporate, leaving a better tasting, less bitter coffee.

I have another model Cuisinart coffee maker and it’s stood the test of time well.

Some neat coffee maker recipes from

I have one of these, and to clean the carafe I just use a couple of denture cleaning tablets and let the inside soak for an hour to two then rinse it out. It comes out super clean!

The thought of unknown people enjoying my coffee machine and then returning it to the store gives me the heebie geebies.

Right. They might have gotten unknown people cooties in there.

Is it just me or do the buttons and labeling for the controls look a bit off or really cheap? Its like the standard made in china font or something. It seemed out of place for something half decent like Cuisinart. What-ev.

I have been using ~1/2 cup of bleach then filling carafe with hot water, let stand for 30 minutes. Always comes out shiny, and clean. Also works on thermos bottles. One caveat, don’t put rubber items (such as O ringed stopper) in contact with the bleach solution.

This Coffeemaker requires the Conical filters, NOT the basket style filters. This is a deal killer for me due to the much higher cost of the cone filters.