Cuisinart 12" Multiclad Pro Skillet

Anyone know if this pan can be used on induction burners?

The pan can cook on any heating surface including induction – I’ve included this info in the offer features.

I bought this and am pleased! I have the Cuisinart 755 all purpose 5.25 quart piece, as does my daughter. It has been my favorite cooking piece for many years. This is made similarly and will replace my Teflon skillet.

I know this is sold out on this particular Woot sale now, but I just received this skillet a couple days ago.

I had high hopes in ordering this fully encapsulated stainless steel 12" skillet. For one thing, it seems pretty rare to find a full-width bottom on a 12" skillet these days; usually the sides slope so much that you may actually only get 9-10" of flat surface. This one, though, delivers a nice, nearly full width.

My range-top is a Jenn-Air with the flat solid iron burners, so it’s paramount that skillets, pans or other implements are flat across the bottom for maximum contact with the burner. As received, this pan sat perfectly flat on the burner, and measuring it with a straightedge as well.

So I decided to try it out yesterday, and fry up a few strips of bacon, usually a good measure of how evenly a frying pan/skillet heats across the surface of the pan. I followed my standard procedure of placing the bacon strips in the cold skillet and then turning the burner to ‘medium’. Unfortunately, at some point about halfway through, I noticed the pan would rock a little when I moved the handle, and it appears that the bottom has bulged enough so that it no longer sits flat on the burner, even after it cooled. The warping is not so bad that there was noticeable pooling of grease in the middle, and at least the bacon cooked fairly evenly (keep in mind that the burner was never turned up past ‘medium’, and that no cold ingredients were introduced to the pan during the cooking). Granted, this wouldn’t be as much of an issue if the stove-top was gas vs. electric, but unfortunately, I’m stuck with electric.

Though I am pretty disappointed, I’ll keep and continue to use this pan, since it still seemed to cook fairly evenly. Time will tell if it ends up being used for target practice somewhere down the road.