Cuisinart 12 PC Matte Black Cutlery Set

Sooooo… It’s a 6-knife set.

What’s the alternative, market it as a “13-piece set” since it comes in a plastic clamshell? Or a “14-piece set” if there are folded paper instructions in it? Nonsense. It’s a 6-piece set.

Hello Woot!!

I read the care directions, and the warranty and the product description, however it says NOTHING about sharpening the blades!! It doesn’t say they “never need sharpening” but with the coating, sharpening WILL wear that away. Soooo: to sharpen, or not to sharpen??? And if one DOES SHARPEN, and finish is ruined or otherwise impaired, is it still covered??
I’d appreciate if you could find out from the manufacturer directly. They WILL have something to say!! Or replace their warranty!!

Thanks guys & gals!!
Julie Blue

Did Woot ever answer the question about whether or not these knives can be sharpened? I’m wanting to buy a set, but would like to know the answer first

On sharpening, from the vendor:

yes, they can be sharpened. We leave part of the blade showing for this purpose. And yes, it is still covered by the warranty.

Wait! You forgot about the handles, the shipping box and the shipping label.

The product is just so, so. Not what you would expect Cuisinart to put their name on. The handles look bad as they water spot and my water is softened. Time will tell but I’d opt out on this one.