Cuisinart 12-Pc Triply Cookware Set

Cuisinart 12-Pc Triply Cookware Set
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Comments from a previous sale

If I ever need ‘Inudction’ cookware I’ll keep this in mind.

I switched to tri-ply cookware about 5 years ago and wish I had done so sooner. I’m an avid cook and much prefer tri-ply though I’ve found not everyone does. My friends who share my love of cooking all prefer it too, my friends who don’t, don’t. I use a gas range so induction is not important to me, but I like being able to cook at a lower heat and much prefer the improved heat distribution, including up the sides. I never used to start steaks in the pan and finish in the oven, but with these I often will. I’ve heard some complain about cleanup but have never experienced any issues in that regard, mine clean up nicely. If you hang them and want them to always shine like new, or if you get a bit of rainbowing, a quick clean with “Bar Keepers Friend” for stainless is all you need. I have better control with tri-ply but this benefit is lost on my friends who don’t enjoy cooking, most of whom prefer non-stick cookware. I’ve explained, if used properly, tri-ply is as non-stick as most of the pans they use. But to each their own. Most avid cooks know and appreciate the benefits of tri-ply, but I’ve found it’s not for everyone.

It’s $299 Retail on for $152 free shipping

[MOD: different model/set. Look at the pieces & handles]

It’s actually $168 on Amazon. $211 is for the “multi-clad” version. It’s the proper link, just a different variant.

It’s really getting hard to buy the excuse that woot and amazon are separate, which is why prime shipping isn’t allowed.

This item is fulfilled by amazon, I was redirected here from the amazon site.

Are we still suppose to believe they are two different companies and Woot is still running on it’s own?

Because we are. We have our own buyers and inventory. We use Amazon’s warehouse facilities just like any other 3rd party retailer. We pay for that service.

Does this work okay with gas, and what does the steamer look like? I like a separate steamer insert above the boiling water.

Yes, it will work with gas. That’s the only photo we have. :frowning:

Thank you! It looks like the lids are clear, which is preferred. Are they? Funny that’s not mentioned in the specs, just says Stainless Lids.

It looks to me like the lids are solid stainless steel. You don’t get that kind of reflection of the lid handles in clear glass (plus, glass lids usually seem to be a bit domed, not flat as these seem to be).

It states in the description that the lids are stainless. That would suggest that they’re not glass…

Please help me understand which set this is. From Amazon:

Triply - $168
Multiclad - $211 (retail $670)

Your description says that this Triply set retails for $670, but I can find no reference of that at Amazon. So which set is this?


Probably the $168 one. Our listing says the LIST PRICE is $670. That’s what Cuisinart says it’s worth.

Thank you TT!

the pot farthest on the left is the steamer. there’s a groove on the bottom and it sits on top the bigger pot.

I have had a very similar type of cookware since 1973! The type you see demonstrated at home shows (and the type Zig Zigler sold) and still love it. Still looks great with the least bit of care. My kids love my LustreCraft as well; at this price I can afford a set for my son as opposed to the the home show version. Easy to use, easy to clean, absolutely the best.

The $168 (Tri-Ply) one has glass lids. These have steel lids.