Cuisinart 12-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

Crap. Crappy. Crapster.

I didn’t realize this was whine.woot… we win some, we lose some.

I’m off to find the nearest volcano and drop some sacrifices inside.

Earnestly I beseech thee, Woot Gods!

Last nights video got 24k hits for what… 12 bags?

What exactly is Anodized Nonstick Cookware? Glad you asked!

so about the pans… it looks like you can stack these based on the photo… is that correct? anyone know?

check out the differences between hard anodized vs. stainless steel

4.5 Stars on Amazon for a nigh identical set. It’s worthy to note it’s been in the $164-166 range on Prime according to the camel (in case you needed some time to sleep on it).

…says the guy who didn’t get one

Meanwhile… 8 of the green Christmas lights are broken. Can you find which they are?

I just placed my order with no problems at all.

It actually appears to be this set without the 12" Skillet.

All right, I know it’s killing you guys who are still tapping and milling around the site after missing out on the Bidding On Cano (that includes yours truly), so here’s the answer to the challenge:

  1. From upper left to lower right, the following Green Christmassy lights are broken:

  2. Green lights 2,4,6,10, and 14 are functional, with some more erratic than others.

  3. All 16 Red Lights are functional though some, (i.e., 9 and 12) are more sporadic than the others.

Woot is trying to tell us something with these numbers. Do you have it figures out yet? I sure do…!


Thought they say they are “Hand Wash Recommended” You can put them in the dishwasher, but the outside surfaces will turn milky white, but that said my wife and I love the way they cook.

I have this cookware and love them, much better than my aging calphalon set. Virtually indestructable, lightweight and heat very quickly. Also puts on a very good sear despite being non-stick. Highly recommend.

You might want to check your lights again as some you think are non-functional are functional. And lamp #1 would be from the plug in point or left to right. Have fun decoding this.

Can you ship this to an APO address? our son is serving overseas.

How would these compare to Pampered Chef?

Does anyone know if you can make beer with this set. That’s all I ever cook up, beer. Yum.

Are any of the various cookware sets available thru WOOT! factory “seconds”? I ask because I did get the stainless Cuisinart set (a few months ago) that has been offered a few times and noted that two of the pieces had very VERY slight pits in the cooking surface. They weren’t significant enough for me to consider a return, and I LOVE the set (and WOOT! :>), but it made me curious.

I have been disappointed in the cuisinart set I bought here approximately a year ago. They seem like high quality until the nonstick starts peeling off. We have not abused these (only plastic utensils, no extreme heat) but their customer service assumes that is what happened. I am about to send one back to them (at my cost, plus they want a money order for return shipping). But google cuisinart customer service and then decide if you want to buy. I wish this hadnt happened because aside from the nonstick coating they are great.