Cuisinart 12-Piece SS Cookware Set

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Cuisinart 12-Piece SS Cookware Set
Price: $119.99
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7/7/2015 - $119.99 - Click To See Discussion (1 comments)

SS cookware? Very interesting. Will there be a Gestapo set someday too?

I have had a very similar set to this for many years now. I still haven’t managed to use the skillets without burning and/or massive sticking. I think in the future I will save up for a quality non stick Calphalon ($200-$300 ish) or a Swiss Diamond set ($600 ish). That would be my advice to you too.

Two hints:

  1. Put a little olive oil in the pan before you cook. Not a lot, just enough to thin-coat the bottom.

  2. Clean the pan with white vinegar while it’s still hot. You’ll be amazed at how much of the cooked-on gunk comes right off with no effort.

Non-stick cookware isn’t healthy to use. Little pieces chip off over time and end up in your food. Your body can’t digest it. That’s why non-stick alternatives are popular. Just turn down the temp and don’t burn your food.

Olive oil is for flavoring and doesn’t handle heat well. High heat oils like canola are better for that.

I’m using an aluminum frying pan. Read a couple weeks back that they now think it’s the aluminum in the environment that is affecting the honey bees in a bad way. Screws up processing functions. Not too interested in using these pans anymore. This might be a better way to go.

I purchased this set. Four years ago I got a hard-anodized aluminum pack. I chose it after a lot of research claiming this type of non-stick is the safest. Unfortunately, several of the pots have begin to chip and started appearing in my food.

I’m in the cast iron/stainless steel camp now. If it’s good enough for chefs, it’s good enough for me. I know this isn’t the best set out there, but it’s a decent price and my family will be healthier for it.