Cuisinart 13 Pc. Professional Series Stainless Set

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Cuisinart 13 Pc. Professional Series Stainless Set
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So is this a good set? The last one got poo poo’d for being too thin.

Beware buying anything Cuisinart, because they don’t honor their warranties.
I contacted them about an item that broke after only 2 weeks of use, and they made up a clause about why they weren’t liable that wasn’t even applicable to my item.
Wait for a reputable manufacturer’s item. Woot has great kitchenware pop up all the time.

Can anyone find out where this was manufactured?

[MOD: China]

I can’t really say if this is a good set because “good” is somewhat subjective. I can tell you most chefs will buy and use tri-ply clad cookware where the aluminum core responsible for even heat distribution is sandwiched throughout the whole of the pan rather than just encapsulated in the bottom, such as this set. Many tri-ply manufacturers will sell a single pan for the price of this set because the cost to produce a high quality bond throughout the bottom and sides is expensive and requires specialized machinery and processes.

However, quite a few years ago, Cook’s Illustrated magazine gave a best buy recommendation to Tramontina’s tri-ply cookware sold by Walmart. They compared Tramontina’s quality to that of All Clad for a fraction of the price. They not only cooked with both brands but compared the bonding quality between cross-sections of the two. I purchased a 10-piece set of Tramontina after reading the Cook’s Illustrated article and have been extremely pleased with it’s quality, performance and customer service. My set came with one pan that had a flaw in the rim and Tramontina sent me a replacement before I even returned the flawed item. Walmart currently sells an 8-piece set of Tramontina tri-ply for $134 as well as individual pieces and judging by the 537 reviews for the 8-piece set I’m not alone in my praise. Just an FYI.

Is it just me, or does Amazon have this set cheaper?

[MOD: Not the same set. Ours is the Professional and is induction ready.]

Yes, the last set I ordered for $130 for my mom was def thinner than the set my wife and I own. Not a big deal, she doesnt know what shes missin.

The One you found on amazon is this set, which is not their professional series.

The Professional series on the other hand is NOT the $690 Woot says it is, it’s actually only $249.

Hey wooters, make sure you’re comparing to the PROFESSIONAL series.

The PROFESSIONAL series is Induction Ready. The Contour set that some of you are posting, is not.

Now THIS is good information. Thanks for the post, Willy. I don’t need a whole set, just a couple of pieces. And while I don’t usually shop at WallyWorld, I might make an exception.

I bought the same one you are describing and it is still going strong. LOVE IT!

Last week I paid $5 at Goodwill for a beautiful Tri-Ply Tramontina 10" skillet. At least, it was beautiful after I spent 30 minutes on it with Bar Keeper’s Friend. Goodwill buy of the month. And you are right, it’s very good quality cookware.

I have this set purchased from woot a few months ago. Plan on keeping some kind of stainless steel cleaner on hand like Siege Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner Or bar keepers friend, as I notice my pans get oxidized after using them and just washing them with a non scratch scrubber, so I find myself constantly scrubbing them with a stainless steel pot scrubber and Siege Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner as without doing so my pans don’t look very good as theres a slight oxidation on the inside bottoms after using which is only removed with the cleaner, was pretty dissapointed in that and find myself struggling to keep them clean to keep on my hanging pot rack.

is this good for induction cooktops?