Cuisinart 14-Pc Non-Stick Cookware Set

Not recommended for induction stovetops

Deal killer for me

Hey, with this set, I wouldn’t have to wash pots/pans for a whole week! One pot or pan a day!

“chef’s”, woot? Seriously, why the apostrophe?

Check out the reviews at Amazon (five 5-star reviews):

Meanwhile, woot, what’s up with that list price?

That is what I was looking for. I love my Stainless cuisinart for my induction stove, but I guess these have the ridges on the bottom as do most non stick.

very good reviews over at sams club

This looks just like my Cusinart set which I bought 8 years ago. Use one or two pieces almost every day and its still in great shape. Great price. Would buy, except I still have several more years on my existing set.

See? That’s why we need more crappy products. If you buy something once and it lasts forever, you never need to buy it again and the economy goes down the crapper.

These cannot be used on an induction cooktop because they are aluminum.

We own this exact set, and we LOVE them. Take care of them, use common sense when cleaning them (no harsh abrasives), and they’ll take great, great care of you. I’m incredibly picky with the weight distribution of pots and pans (and knives) and for me, the weight distribution of this set is ideal. You can’t go wrong with these.

The only negative that I can say about this set is the handles. They simply are not comfy handles. The dip in the middle places all the weight onto the two edges when lifting the pan and for my small hands, made it too uncomfortable to consider buying the set.

The Cuisinart brand of hard anodized aluminum is coated with a non-stick coating called Quantanium. Quantanium has been claimed to be a form of PTFE and, therefore, has the same toxic properties as Teflon.

If the anodized aluminum cookware does have a Teflon-like coating, there could be serious health concerns. The EPA has taken administration action against DuPont for not warning consumers of potential health risks.

According to The Optimum Health Report, “Teflon is so prevalent that PF0A has been found to contaminate 92% of U.S. children tested to date, and most of the adult population as well.”

Read more: Anodized Cookware Dangers |

My only problem with this is the original price that Woot! has posted, is not right, $199 on Cuisinart’s website. My family still has a set and they are great so nothing against the product :smiley: they cook great on our traditional gas stove.

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Thank you for such a thoughtful and informative post. Best!

Get outta that bed, wash your face and hands
Get outta that bed, wash your face and hands
Well, you get in that kitchen, make some noise with the pots 'n pans

Shouldn’t use in the dishwasher? That kills it for this bachelor.

Previous woot also $139.99

Being dishwasher safe is a must for me. No buy here.

Does the aluminum mean they would warp faster than stainless steel or iron?

I always had cheap pans until I picked up my stainless steel set two years ago when I bought a house with an induction stove. Best pans that I have ever had. I used to go through wallyworld “quality” pans every 12-18 months before that.