Cuisinart 14-Pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Cuisinart 14-Pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set
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Check out these tips on the use and care for stainless steel cookware

Can anyone tell me in what country these are manufactured??

All Cuisinart products made after 1992 were made in China, except for the occasional glass caraffe or lid that was made in Germany. The food processors made before 1992 were made in Japan or France.

I bought a similar-looking stainless steel Cuisinart set in the 1990s. I still use them, they look almost new. I am not a skilled cook but they are easy to cook in and hard to burn food in. If they still make these as well today, it’ll be a great long term investment.

Thank you so much for the information!! As I suspected it would be China so I’ll have to Pass!

Out of curiosity, do you think that no part of the computer you used to make that post was made in China? What is your beef with China?

I would imagine if you walked through their home it would be full of items made in China. I get so tired of the flag waving zealots thinking they’re going to have some impact on the state of trade relations by taking this ridiculous position. I’m no fan of America’s trade imbalance…but I also like to purchase the items I need to live my life, at a reasonable price. Carry on!

Can these be used on inductive cook tops?

I hate to defend made in murrica people, but perhaps they don’t want to cook using China made products. China is notorious for not necessarily using the materials that are spec’d out. Not wanting to cook the items you are consuming from a pan made in China could be why. Personally, I don’t take it to that level, but I could appreciate someones opinion who does. After working in US manufacturing and taking over Chinese components, it is a bit eye opening. Think about the screws and bolts made in China that say stainless steel. I have rust stains on my fence from the stainless steel screws. I bet if I did a chemical composition on those screws I would find elevated levels of iron that wouldn’t pass the specification for the grade spec’d. Or the company spec’d a low grade of stainless. This would be a plausible reason to not want cookware made in a country of ill repute.

I saw a product description on Amazon that said no.

I have a set of T-Fal stainless steel cookware and I cannot cook anything without the food sticking. I’d love to be able to go without using non-stick cookware.

It looks like it’s part of the Countour Stainless Cookware series.

Although this set looks nice, I would suggest people splurge on the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro. Amazon has a 12-piece set for $220. For less than $100, you can go from a Honda Accord to a Cadillac CTS.

This isn’t the Contour line. It’s the Classic Stainless line, not to be confused with the Chef’s Classic line.

Working in the auto industry for many years, I can attest to the materials concerns expressed in this post. We call it the “China Factor”, meaning you may not be getting what you are specifying.

I have a smaller set and LOVE it. Mine did not come with the steamer insert or pasta insert but I can’t justify buying the set for 2 pieces. I use it on a gas stove and it heats and cooks quickly and evenly. Soak them while you are eating and then clean. It takes about 10 minutes of soaking or and sos and you are good to go.

We all know that much of the MIC stuff is of a lesser quality. The key here is quality control. That lies in the hands of Cuisinart…a fairly reliable, very established name in the kitchenware industry. You either trust THEM…or you don’t…regardless of where their products are being made. Last time I checked, they offer a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. What part of that deters you, if quality is your primary concern?

I find the Multiclad Pro ( I have some) very heavy. Also they are not glass lids. I’m wondering if these wouldn’t cook as well and be lighter.