Cuisinart 14-Pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Helping ensure jobs stay in the States through the purchase of US made product is ridiculous? Then call me a flag waving zealot! My house is no doubt full of Chinese made product, but as an informed purchaser I like to know where my products come from and decide if it’s worth the extra few bucks to buy American.

I too shall pass.

Those don’t look like they have the encapsulated base.

This is great cookware! I’ve had a similar set for years…

The picture doesn’t seem to add up with the description. The picture shows five lids with an extra stock pot, while the description lists 6 lids. Anyone know which is correct?

If you want to fry without sticking and don’t want non-stick cookware, you have to go with cast iron. No plain stainless will cook without sticking.

By the way, these are not listed on the Cuisinart list of cookware. That bothers me.

Checking. I’ll update this post when I get an answer. Thanks for spotting that.

UPDATE: There are 5 lids. Sale is updated.

Apple has great quality control too, but the conditions the employees work in are terrible. China also has a culture of stealing US technology and processes that shouldn’t be rewarded with our continued business. I won’t even start the human rights argument here.

You can simply go along and look at price/value or you can take a look at the big picture and vote with your wallet.

I buy stuff made in china when I have no other option (like computer parts), but I choose to spend a little more to by products sourced elsewhere. My hope is that manufacturers will realize there are enough big-picture consumers like myself (and a few other “zealots”) and alter their sourcing practices. It’s working with call centers moving back to the US, so I’m hopeful that other sectors will catch on as well.

Thanks for checking. As a follow up, that only adds up to 13 pieces from the description. Any thoughts on the missing piece?

Description says:

Flavor Lock Lid

•Tight-fitting stainless steel lids fit tight to lock in flavor, texture and nutrients
•Wide, easy grip handles

However the picture shows glass lids. Which is correct?

They’re glass lids as shown. Sale has been fixed. Sorry about that.

While I do like cast iron a lot - one can fry with stainless without food sticking.

There are a lot of instructions online with you tube vids as well… basically you get the pan hot (I usually use a med high heat at first) test with a few drops of water and when they sizzle away then the pan is hot enough.

Now is the time to add a small amount of oil. I will usually turn down the heat to medium and add about a tablespoon or less of oil. The oil is ready when you can see a bit of smoke coming off it. Add your meat or food and cover. Let it sit for a minute or two depending on the thickness of the meat. Giving the pan a little shake should loosen the meat when that side is done. It might need a little nudge with a fork but then slide easily and turned over… if the pan has completely dried of any oil then a small amount may be added before adding the meat.

I have made pancakes on stainless without any sticking using this method so it is possible to cook without non-stick cookware and not use cast iron. Just be careful with your heat and keep it as low as possible.

I have this set or one similar bought from Woot about a year ago.

Fixed. We were calling a dutch oven a sauce pan

What were those pots and pans before they were pots and pans?

“India and China were the top sources of radioactive goods shipped to the U.S. through 2008, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Bartley, a metallurgist who has tracked radioactive contamination since the early 1990s, said there’s no evidence the situation has improved.”

I purchased this set when it was a woot! deal on pure impulse because it contained the steamer pots… It was the best and my most favorite woot! purchase to date. I just love them!!!