Cuisinart 14-Pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Cuisinart 14-Pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set
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I have a similar Stainless Steel set from Cuisinart I received about 6 years ago as a present and must say the quality of these pots and pans are amazing. They get used all the time and they haven’t worn down at all. Amazing pots and pans, I really would love the dutch oven and steamer, but I have all the other pans already.

I bought a similar set at Costco for around $99.99 without the dutch oven and steamer about two years ago. If you’re looking for an upgrade or are ready for some truly BIFL pans, then you should jump on this deal! They’re just as easy to cook on as your cheap non-stick cookware (you’ll just need to learn how to properly cook on stainless) AND you can pop these bad boys in the oven, which will take your cooking to a whole new level.

If I didn’t already have most of this set, I would jump all over this because it’s a hell of a deal!

At the risk of turning this into a total love fest, I’m in almost exactly the same boat as the first 2 comments. We have the slightly smaller collection than what is pictured here and after about 6 years they are all as good as when we started out, even with very regular use. We settled on this brand and model because of the high oven heat rating and haven’t been disappointed. If you haven’t bought pans that can go from stove top to oven before, you’re in for a treat. Above this and you start looking at stoopidly priced All Clad or similar.

We got this set last time it was offered, and have been really happy with it. The glass lids really set them apart. They’re sturdy, cook well, and are a great deal for what you get.

I got the wife a set one step up and she has loved them from the get go. Just preheat them a bit and you will not have to worry about sticking. All of our older non stick junk went into the bin.

Can anyone tell me if the largest skillet warps easily? My experience with large skillets is that they warp when used with even moderately high temps on the stove top. My hubby is a great cook, but he loves to use high heat and the warping drives us both crazy. I really want to go all stainless and get away from non-stick, coated pans.

I haven’t used this brand, but I doubt that you’d have an issue. These pans have a triple layered bottom, in which an aluminum disc is between two layers of stainless. The aluminum is there to provide better heat distribution than steel alone, but it also results in a very heavy bottom - nothing as thin as you’d find on ‘ordinary’ cookware.

Let your hubby go mad.

I have not had any issues with warpage. And I use high heat on gas. However, I don’t keep it on high heat for hours at a time.

I have a set nearly identical to this (except for swapping the dutch oven for another sauce pan). While, I don’t cook every day, the pans do get used. I’ve always washed them in the dishwasher and the outside of the pans stay beautiful.

My favorite pieces of this set are the the two steamer pieces. I use the large steamer for tamales and steaming whole chicken for soup. I use the smaller steamer for vegetables.

Don’t go from stovetop to cold water in the sink and you’ll be fine.

These pots and pans are much thicker than your run of the mill non-stick, coated pans. They can definitely take the heat!

Can these be used on an induction burner?

i’ve have the pans in a 500 degree oven, zero issues.

i’m debating on getting a second set

Would these work well for a glass-ceramic stove?

Comments from a previous sale

What is the difference between this set (CLCS-14) and the 77-14? Thx.

This set lists for $199 on the Cuisanart website. So why is Woot saying it retails for $520?

Those don’t have the glass tops…

Looking for specs on this item to tell if they are triple ply or not. Link below is. Evidently there are two grades of pans and I would purchase if I knew they were the better ones. Wishing for more details.

I prefer the clad for the skillet and fry pans because it’s a smoother surface but I have pieces from this set as well. They are top notch, they cook as well as anything I have ever cooked on. Stainless cooking does have a learning curve that you need to consider, “hot pan, cold oil” is the key. Heat the pan for about 45 seconds on high (gas) and then add a little oil (teaspoon or so) before you add the food. Youtube has good videos on the topic.

This is a good value.